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Why Democrats are Ramping Up Abortion Efforts
Depths of Pentecost ^ | March 9, 2019 | Philip Cottraux

Posted on 03/09/2019 3:15:37 PM PST by pcottraux

Why Democrats are Ramping Up Abortion Efforts

By Philip Cottraux

In the ancient city of Karnak is the Ashkelon Wall, an Egyptian record of the military victories of Ramses II. The wall is divided into sections but the largest primarily focuses on a treaty with the Hittite empire. On either side are epic depictions of Ramses’ armies victorious in battle; the siege of Ashkelon is most intriguing. As the Egyptians surrounded the city, its citizens committed the ultimate act of desperation, throwing their own children over the defensive wall in a massive act of child-sacrifice. This misguided practice seems to have arisen in the Bronze Age during famine, droughts, or invasion. People thought they could save themselves by slaughtering their own firstborn in a show of supreme devotion to the gods.

For years, Democrats and Republicans have been at a relative stalemate over abortion. One side asserts it is murder, the other insists that it’s a woman’s right. But even when Republicans control both the presidency and congress, they tend to make no effort to overturn it. So far, Democrats have successfully kept it in place as is. Meanwhile, tens of millions of abortions have taken place with no end in sight.

But suddenly, one side just broke the gridlock. Even while the Republicans control the presidency and the Senate, Democrats have split the dam and abortion is flooding forth with an unstoppable blood lust. It started with New York making it legal up to the day of delivery. Now this is breaking out all over the country. City officials cheered when the measure was passed. New York City lit itself pink in celebration

But the pretense that this has anything to do with a “woman’s right to choose” is falling away. Young women terminate pregnancies with pride, then go to parties and posting selfies wearing “I had an abortion” T-shirts. It’s become trendy. #ShoutYourAbortion is sweeping social media. The left has even crossed the line to include born children. Now if the baby somehow survives, doctors are allowed to kill it. No one is even trying to argue that this isn’t infanticide anymore. Democrats are ramping up efforts to butcher every child possible from coast to coast, wearing baby blood like gruesome warpaint.

What’s happening?

Much has been said in Christian circles comparing modern abortion with ancient Molech sacrifices. I said as much in one of the first blogs I ever wrote (click here). The Canaanites of the Old Testament would throw their own babies onto burning altars, then eat them in cannibalistic feasts in honor of this cow idol. God punished Israel for allowing such a horror-show to enter their own nation. The argument is that abortion is a modern-day manifestation of this practice, only instead of Molech the god we’re sacrificing to is self. People willingly murder their unborn children in the name of convenience.

But something different’s going on with these latest developments.

I think we can look to history and human psychology for an explanation, which is why I brought up the Ashkelon wall. This sudden explosion of abortion has to be viewed in the light of recent setbacks for the Democrat party. Irrational emotions come from the same part of the brain, the amygdala (which controls our fight-or-flight responses). The amygdala stimulates fear and causes the kidneys to release adrenaline before information has time to reach the frontal cortex, where logic and reason take place. In the wild, this can be a useful survival mechanism; if you run across a predator, you want to be able to run as fast as you can before having time to think about it.

But because of this, our reactions to defeats can be irrational, as it was at Ashkelon. In theory, their child sacrifices were desperate attempts to get the gods to intervene. But just like “women’s rights,” this is really more of an excuse. Something ancient in human DNA has been resurrected.

Now as I’ve blogged about in the past, I am totally against Hitler comparisons. I can’t stand it when liberals compare conservatives to the Nazis or the KKK, and I want to be consistent. So this is not meant to compare the Democrats to the Nazis, but to use the Nazis as another historical example to prove my point. As the Allies were closing in on Germany, Hitler could have bought himself time and aided the war effort by putting the “final solution” on hold. The Holocaust was consuming considerable resources. Yet as defeat looked inevitable, the Nazis actually ramped it up, throwing more prisoners into concentration camps than ever as the killing reached its pinnacle. It’s almost as if, knowing they would soon be defeated, they wanted to slaughter every Jew possible in a last act of defiance to the world.

This also explains one of the most disturbing moments from Hitler’s inner circle. Many high-ranking Nazis committed suicide in the bunker as Berlin fell. But Joseph Goebbels’ wife Magda took it a step further; as their six children slept, she poisoned them all with cyanide tablets before she and Goebbels killed themselves. This goes against every instinct a mother should have; it would be like a mama grizzly willingly surrendering her cubs to slaughter.

Not to mention the kamikaze pilots. As the United States got closer and closer to the Japanese mainland, in an act of desperation the empire enlisted children to fly planes but didn’t teach them how to land. These child-suicide missions were among of the most catastrophic forces US battleships had to deal with in the war‘s closing days.

What would possess people to do this to their own children? Yet it seems to be a consistent psychological reflex coming from the same part of the brain from different examples throughout history. And this is exactly why the Democrats have ramped up abortion efforts in recent months. Something dark has been awakened in their subconscious.

It boils down to slavish devotion to one’s ideology. Magda Goebbels was so fanatically devoted to Nazism, she’d rather murder her children than let them grow up in a world without it. The American left has convinced themselves Trump is the return of Hitler. Everything they’ve tried to stop him has failed. He won the election. He’s passed sweeping reforms. He’s withstood investigations. The Russia investigation has turned up little. They’re realizing that he cannot be impeached. But rather than come to terms with this, they’re on a murderous rampage to kill as many babies as possible. They’d rather those children be slaughtered than live in a world where Trump is president.

They have believed media’s lies that Trump will usher in a new age of darkness, that soon America will resemble Nazi Germany. Concentration camps will be everywhere as the skies turn gray. They think the only thing they can do about it now is butcher the future generation. Then, in their twisted minds, Trump will have no one to rule over. It will be their final act of defiance as their light disappears from the world, leaving what they imagine will be a post-apocalyptic wasteland where Trump-the-dictator is all alone.

To them, every infant massacred is another victory for which they can shake their fists at the sky and shout “Take that!”

Ironically, in the name of saving America from “Hitler,” they’ve slaughtered far more innocents than the real Hitler could have ever dreamed. We’re seeing the results of a political ideology that gained too much power, was allowed to have it for too long, and now can’t cope with any erosion of that power. It’s turned into a monster feeding an insatiable appetite for human flesh as it devours baby after baby. Even if we could stop it now, whatever’s at the end of this tunnel won’t be good, as we see the bloody ruins of America‘s future generations all around us.

TOPICS: Government; History; Politics; Religion
KEYWORDS: abortion; democrats; latetermabortion; liberaltarians; libertarians; medicalmarijuana; plannedparenthood; prolife
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1 posted on 03/09/2019 3:15:37 PM PST by pcottraux
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To: pcottraux; boatbums; rlmorel; georgiegirl; Shark24; Wm F Buckley Republican; metmom; ...

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge: Hosea 4:6.

This is the official ping list for Depths of Pentecost: I’m a Christian blogger who writes weekly Bible lessons. Topics range from Bible studies, apologetics, theology, history, and occasionally current events. Every now and then I upload sermons or classes onto YouTube.

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2 posted on 03/09/2019 3:16:04 PM PST by pcottraux (
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To: pcottraux

Abortion is the leftists holy grail, they will NEVER give it up..the only unborn babies they care about are the ones from illegal aliens because those children will grow up and vote Democrat. Notice leftists are always so darn upset when an illegal alien child(or baby) dies..its not because they really care about that child, but because they just lost a voter

3 posted on 03/09/2019 3:20:57 PM PST by Sarah Barracuda
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To: pcottraux

Abortion is the democrats “Blood Sport”.

4 posted on 03/09/2019 3:23:44 PM PST by Cold Heart (Oregon, tyranny, taxes and tolls)
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To: pcottraux

Abortion mills located in mostly minority neighborhoods.

In NYS, more black babies are aborted than are born alive.

Do the math...

5 posted on 03/09/2019 3:27:50 PM PST by 2banana (Were you)
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To: pcottraux
They’d rather those children be slaughtered than live in a world where Trump is president.

Planned Parenthood was slaughtering infants by the millions long before our President announced his candidacy.

6 posted on 03/09/2019 3:28:23 PM PST by Teacher317 (We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men)
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To: pcottraux

Yeah, no, probably not.

Have any Dems come out to explain their rationale for this wanton lust for life?

It’s surely a spiritual problem, but likely more a rejection of a biblical foundation, that man is created in the image of God, and human life has value. This seems more a plunge into a complete loss of meaning and a secular elevation of the planet as more important than man. And government is there as the power tool to get it done.

7 posted on 03/09/2019 3:34:04 PM PST by lurk
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To: pcottraux

Dems have it @ss-backwards, as they always do! WHY encourage the murder of your BASE VOTER?

I suppose they can’t go back on their ghoulish behavior all of these past DECADES, so now they’re replacing the VOTERS they’ve killed off with uneducated, freeloading, unproductive TAKERS from Third Worlds?

I’ll never understand it. Never.

8 posted on 03/09/2019 3:42:20 PM PST by Diana in Wisconsin ( "Why can't you be more like Lloyd Braun?")
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To: pcottraux


9 posted on 03/09/2019 3:46:28 PM PST by skr (May God confound the enemy)
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To: pcottraux

I think that the surge occurring now is more related to their perception that they are losing the Supreme Court to justices who will overturn Roe vs Wade. The liberals are just making sure that state laws will be in place to allow them to continue the carnage.

Of course, they will have to simultaneously change course and promote a flavor of State’s rights. That will be interesting to see.

10 posted on 03/09/2019 4:06:04 PM PST by the_Watchman
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To: lurk

I think it is for the same reason they don’t want a wall at the border... The love of money is the root of all evil .. Lots of money in drugs, human trafficking, and baby parts, doncha know.

11 posted on 03/09/2019 4:08:26 PM PST by smartymarty (How a mountain girl can love.)
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To: pcottraux

The depiction of Mrs Goebbels act in the movie Downfall was one of the most disturbing things I have watched. Still bothers me to this day.

12 posted on 03/09/2019 4:10:54 PM PST by edhawk
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To: pcottraux

It seems to me that the nexmt effect of the democrats’ insatiable appetite is that they won’t have children to turn into liberals...

13 posted on 03/09/2019 4:45:07 PM PST by VideoPaul
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To: pcottraux; Alex Murphy; boatbums; CynicalBear; daniel1212; dragonblustar; Dutchboy88; ealgeone; ...


That said, I think the killing frenzy is being spurred on by the demonic.

Maybe they are tipping their hand that the Lord is indeed coming soon, and they have no time to lose in their agenda to kill, steal, and destroy.

Something is going on in the spiritual realm and we can tell that by the situations we find ourselves in today that are so horrific.

14 posted on 03/09/2019 4:47:34 PM PST by metmom ( ...fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith...)
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To: metmom
Something is going on in the spiritual realm

Of that, there is no doubt. As in the days of Noah. I wonder if God has whispered in Satan’s ear, that his time is short?

15 posted on 03/09/2019 4:55:05 PM PST by Mark17 (Genesis chapter 1 verse 1. In the beginning GOD.... And the rest, as they say, is HIS-story)
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To: Diana in Wisconsin

Never?... Well, you just explained it so clearly, I cannot believe you do not understand it! Bu8t sadder still, black people will remain clueless so long as the demon rats send the checks around.

16 posted on 03/09/2019 5:11:48 PM PST by MHGinTN (A dispensation perspective is a powerful tool for discernment)
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To: Mark17

No man knows G d want to surprise Satanist

17 posted on 03/09/2019 5:19:13 PM PST by mel (There are only 2 races decent and undecent people)
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To: edhawk

Quite apart from her delusion in the face of defeat, I think she had no illusion of what would probably have happened to her children at the hands of the Soviets (who had demonstrated their ruthlessness towards German civilians as early as about 1943, when they briefly captured the German border town of Nimmersdorf)...she probably considered their death at her own hands an act of (twisted) mercy.

I especially remember the glaring look of betrayal on her face right before Josef pulled the trigger....

18 posted on 03/09/2019 5:46:05 PM PST by M1903A1 ("We shed all that is good and virtuous for that which is shoddy and sleazy...and call it progress")
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To: Cold Heart

The Democrat party has become a death cult.....with women as executioners of their own children......the idea that our society chooses judges based on their views on killing babies, evidences we are a fallen society, not becoming one as we’re well past will be even worse if Dems ever again gain power.

19 posted on 03/09/2019 5:46:11 PM PST by caww
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To: metmom; Roman_War_Criminal; SaveFerris; firebrand
Something is going on in the spiritual realm and we can tell that by the situations we find ourselves in today that are so horrific.

I completely agree.

20 posted on 03/09/2019 5:58:35 PM PST by SkyPilot ("I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6)
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