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Steve Bannon's Big Loss in Alabama ^

Posted on 12/13/2017 3:43:25 AM PST by deek69

The big loser in Tuesday's Alabama's special Senate election was not the Republican Party. They had already lost weeks ago, the moment the Washington Post wrote their (carefully vetted, in this instance) exposé of the thirty-year-old sexual proclivities of Judge Roy Moore.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: MarvinStinson
If you seriously think the people of Alabama were affected by outside interests, you need to go for a visit and spend some time there.

The overwhelming majority couldn't care less about the people you just named or the Washington Compost either.

This special election can barely even be considered a placeholder at this point. Next year at this time will be a whole new ballgame. This is a very short lived "victory" at best.

Buck up!

41 posted on 12/13/2017 4:23:47 AM PST by usconservative (When The Ballot Box No Longer Counts, The Ammunition Box Does. (What's In Your Ammo Box?))
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To: MayflowerMadam

I think I saw the recount margin as being 0.5%. But it’s early, and still on my first cup of coffee....

42 posted on 12/13/2017 4:24:55 AM PST by tgusa (gun control: hitting center of mass)
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To: usconservative

“If you seriously think the people of Alabama were affected by outside interests,”


43 posted on 12/13/2017 4:26:10 AM PST by MarvinStinson
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To: Lakeshark

Yep. Lost the seat, of course. Senate is now easily under control of McCain, Collins. Have a low energy absentee as Attorney General of the US. Had to suck it up and pretend defend a dater of teenage girls who still hasn’t denied that.

44 posted on 12/13/2017 4:27:30 AM PST by xzins (Retired US Army chaplain. Support our troops by praying for their victory.)
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To: usconservative

That analysis made me feel a bit better.

Maybe this will get conservative voters focused on the One Big Thing for 2018:

Keeping RATS out of power.

Nothing else matters. As Ann Coulter said, there are many bad Republicans, there are no good Democrats.

If I had been an Alabama voter, I would have cast a defensive vote for Moore, just as I cast a defensive vote for Rubio in our last Florida senatorial election.

If you can’t vote for someone, at least vote against someone.

Conservatives need to keep that uppermost in their heads as we head into 2018.

A few other thoughts:

1.) I have a gut feeling Trump is going to counterpunch in some way very soon. It may have nothing to do with the Alabama race per se — just anything to rile up the Left, as we saw with his wise decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

2.) From this point on, I will treat all allegations of sexual harassment with extreme skepticism, even when directed at people like Ryan Lizza and Garrison Keillor who I normally can’t stand. No man should have his life ruined on the unsupported word of a woman. Conversely, our victimhood culture clearly awards cash and prizes for the best “he groped me” stories. Absent any proof, why should I take a woman’s word over a man’s — or a man’s over a woman’s, just to be fair.

45 posted on 12/13/2017 4:28:20 AM PST by Nothingburger
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To: deek69

Bannon is the hero who fought an impossible fight. The losers are those who did not fight.

46 posted on 12/13/2017 4:30:54 AM PST by annalex (fear them not)
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To: deek69

The loser is ......USA not Bannon .
The losers are those who are giving up , TRUMP who let SESSIONS in , the GOP-e .

After such a trash campaign , elections should have been stopped and repealed , investigations should have been launched against accusers in a campaign ....

USA is becoming banana republic with illegals who will vote more and more ! That’s the goal of libtard fascists who want open borders for cynical reasons

47 posted on 12/13/2017 4:31:56 AM PST by Ulysse
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To: xzins

Well if you don’t like Bannon then you are my political enemy.

48 posted on 12/13/2017 4:35:54 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: Pinkbell

For people that still believe that Fox News can do no wrong, Fox News turned on Moore like a rabid dog and were nothing in the world but an extension of CNN, Even after Mo Brooks got behind Moore 100% and said under no circumstances should anyone send a pro abortion, open orders liberal to Washington, would the goody two shoes, perfect “conservative” Laura Ingraham get behind Moore. Same thing with Hannity. He helped torpedo Moore with his mean-spirited interview of Moore a month ago. He acted like he hated Moore and did nothing in the world but get him rattled and Moore came across looking like he was not being truthful. No, it was Moore talking slow and not being able to get a completed sentence in before Hannity started grillling him again. Couple Ingraham, Hannity in with the rest of the Fox News “conservatives’ being openly hostile to Moore, and everyone of them played a roll in sending the democrat to Washington. It made me sick the way they all turned on this honorable Christian man.To hell with all of them. I am done with Fox News. Just another version of CNN.

49 posted on 12/13/2017 4:39:11 AM PST by NKP_Vet ("Man without God descends into madness")
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To: Alberta's Child

Bannon and Trump are our only hope in defeating globalist like you. You are a swamp creature. I wish you globalists would form your own party. But you don’t have the balls to do that.

50 posted on 12/13/2017 4:39:58 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: xzins

I am going to say when i heard he went to a football game and was unwilling to change his plans this weekend I knew it was over. The Dems are out all over the place with people shaking hands and Moore when to a football game WTF?

51 posted on 12/13/2017 4:40:15 AM PST by genxer
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To: deek69
I'm not being so quick to blame Bannon.

We need someone to back insurgents to challenge incumbents, and without a quarterback like Bannon to coordinate a national effort, it will be a haphazard disjointed movement at best.

Remember that Democrats have to defend 23 seats in 2018, and Jones has to run again in 2020. Republicans should grow their lead next year. After two years of Doug Jones, Alabama may sour on his liberal votes.

The problem is that without carpetbagging, Bannon will have to go with the best that each state has to offer. The hope is that someone like Bannon can attract people to step up and not run away from the cause because of McConnell's scorched earth fragging of his own side.


52 posted on 12/13/2017 4:40:20 AM PST by Political Junkie Too (The 1st Amendment gives the People the right to a free press, not CNN the right to the 1st question.)
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To: DoodleDawg

I think we are going to be slaughtered in 2018. I really do. I think we may lose both House and Senate. We have lost every race since November. We lost seats in Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Iowa, etc. and I am talking red areas turning blue. I am pissed off because Congress itself has done nothing and voters are noticing. The main reason I am pissed off is the Senate specifically where we can finally really make a dent in the judiciary. We are off to a great start but they need to speed it up in 2018 in case we lose the opportunity in 2019. We should be heading to 60 senate seats in 2018, not desperately holding on. Thank God the House is so gerrymandered that we MIGHT be able to keep a slim majority, but no guarantees. So much wasted opportunity.

Oh, I have no doubt that some will spit all over me for being a downer, but quite frankly the ridiculous rose colored glasses that some of you wear is really getting highly pathetic and idiotic.

53 posted on 12/13/2017 4:40:28 AM PST by napscoordinator (Trump/Hunter, jr for President/Vice President 2016)
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To: xzins
I don't think it was a matter of pretending to defend the man. The man deserved to be defended. He likely did nothing wrong, I doubt any of the charges were true.

This has all the markings of a political hit, a cynical ploy by evil people.

That it worked says more about the imbalance of the voters in Alabama who should have known what this was about. We should have all known what this was about. Those of us who did sat by helplessly as he was taken down have our own part in this as well. And that is to all our shame.

Moore may not have been a savvy candidate, but being a poor candidate doesn't mean he deserved to live and die on the branch he was on. In the end, as clueless as he may have been, it was treachery that did him in, nothing more, nothing less.

54 posted on 12/13/2017 4:43:49 AM PST by Lakeshark (Trump. He stands for the great issues of the day. Stay the course!)
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To: rovenstinez
It never seemed that the Republicans in Congress of the Senate came alongside of Moore, so to pile up on Bannon is poor sportsmanship. He was the only guy who put his neck on the line. Even Donald Trump never publicly came out in strong support of Moore. He was at it pretty much all alone.

Republicans in Alabama usually win by wide margins without outside help. Must be something special about this Moore guy.
55 posted on 12/13/2017 4:45:35 AM PST by Kevin C
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To: usconservative

Good points.

56 posted on 12/13/2017 4:46:07 AM PST by Eagles6
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To: central_va

Bannon backed Moore. Trump backed Strange. What the hell are you even talking about?

57 posted on 12/13/2017 4:46:34 AM PST by Alberta's Child ("Tell them to stand!" -- President Trump, 9/23/2017)
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To: Lakeshark

‘This has all the markings of a political hit, a cynical ploy by evil people.’

we’ll see; if the ‘accusers’ slink off into the woodwork, as I suspect they will, then it’s mission accomplished...

58 posted on 12/13/2017 4:47:38 AM PST by IrishBrigade
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To: trublu

Bingo. This is about Roy Moore being a crappy candidate (and a little bit creepy when it comes down to it), and has nothing to do with President Trump. Almost any other Republican in the state of Alabama would have whipped Doug Moore handily.

59 posted on 12/13/2017 4:49:25 AM PST by bigdaddy45
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To: rovenstinez

Poor sportsmanship is what politics is all about.

60 posted on 12/13/2017 4:50:05 AM PST by Anti-Bubba182
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