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Q Anon: 02/15/19 Trust Trump's Plan ^ | 02/15/19 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 02/15/2019 10:51:23 PM PST by ransomnote

“Trust The Plan”
YouTube President Trump This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (The Plan) - 6 min
Table tang-soo et. al. Q Boot Camp Quickest way to learn the basics about Q.
YouTube Storm Is Upon Us Q - We Are The Plan - 6 min
YouTube Dan Duval Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval-Part 3 -Excellent orientation to Q by Praying Medic
YouTube Joe Masepoes Q - The Plan To Save The World - 13 min - popular introduction Also, Stormisuponus on Bitchute
Threadreader Jason Wright Q Anon Is Real - Oct, Nov 2017 Q drops + commentary
Twitter Paul Serran What is Q? - 31 point introduction
Medium Martin Geddes WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history - 4 min - quick overview
“Pay Attention”
Thread Q drops - created by Q, searchable by date or drop number, many additional features
Thread Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
Website Q drops and research - includes extensive resources and links
Website Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
“The Truth Is Spreading”
Thread Anonymous QProofs - compiled “proofs” that Q has trusted insider access to President Trump
Thread QProofs/Memes - compiled “proofs” and memes
The Oracle Bagster The Oracle - warm and witty summaries of each day's thread
Lexicon Swordmaker LexiQon - immense list of expanded acronyms and terms used by Q; invaluable reference
Website Whitehouse - President Trump's Executive Orders, Proclamations, Nominations, WH press briefings and news
Website FBI - new FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents and other media
Website State Dept. - Virtual Reading Room Documents Search
Table FReeQs Q Threads - Our prior Q threads on Free Republic
“Power to the People”
Twitter Sara Carter Fox News National Security/War Correspondent sometimes cited by Q
Twitter John Solomon Award winning investigative journalist sometimes cited by Q
Twitter Praying Medic Q-drop reactions. Also, YouTube, Vimeo, and ITunes
YouTube Dustin Nemos Series of videos identifying Q content - Well reasoned; excellent. Also, @NemoV on GAB.AI
Website Saul Montes-Bradley Non Q Commentary also hosting Rex, Brian Cates and Thomas Wictor
YouTube X22 Report Investigative Q-drop reactions
YouTube In Pursuit of Truth Brisk, lively drop analysis. Also on Gab.Ai
Twitter Lisa Mei Crowley Includes Q-drop reactions. Also, @lisamei62 on GAB.AI
“Silent Majority No More”
Website White House Email the White House with your support and suggestions
Website Congress Email Congress with your support and suggestions
Thread Little Jeremiah Memes
Thread Jim Robinson Board Owner's Rules for Posts on Free Republic
“Fight, Fight, Fight! ”
YouTube President Reagan A Time for Choosing - 3 min - 1964 speech set to Matthew Worth’s images

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: 1745maga; agitprop; all4alarp; disinformation; fakefakefake; maga; mmorpg; picnicindc; q; qanon; qisreal; russianpropaganda; sadlittletrolls; trollseatcrow; trump; wishfulthinking
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To: Disestablishmentarian

>How does that make him a confirmed clown?<

Have you noticed how Q is needling him in these recent drops? Surely there’s a reason.

1,121 posted on 02/17/2019 10:01:42 PM PST by Darnright (We live in interesting times.)
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To: Tuscaloosa Goldfinch

Kimberley Strassel: Welcome back, AG Barr. Here’s your hot mess of a DOJ ^ | 2/17/2019 | Kimberley Strassel

(had to post the article Q and DJT referenced through because it’s behind WSJ’s paywall..)

((Q and DJT can afford the costs, lol))

1,122 posted on 02/17/2019 10:05:02 PM PST by bitt (new q post)
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To: kallisti

Geezer brain freeze: what does CLAS 1-99 signify?

I’m in the freezer with you. I am wondering if it might be pages 1-99 of a classified document.

I suspect that the text in that drop (dialogue between Barr/Mueller and Barr/RR is a paraphrase, for brevity and confidentiality concerns, of Barr getting these two men on the official record (accountability) explaining the actions they undertook which can get them fired AND prosecuted.

Given the stakes, I don’t believe Barr would meet with RR and Mueller in private (one-on-one), I believe the men would have their lawyers present, that they did not have an option not to answer, and that Mueller knew Barr had adequate documentation to refute any attempt made to deny the truth (we don’t see RR’s response), so Mueller gave what would seem to be disastrous (for him) answers to Barr’s questions.

For example, “Bob, show me the evidence and reasoning for why this investigation was started and still ongoing,” is not written in the language needed for prosecution and/or firing, so I believe this is a form of deposition or closed hearing and Barr worked through the lengthy interview format needed for the official record and the text was distilled down to the sentence in the drop.

Note that RR does not answer these (paraphrased for us) clear, direct questions. When Barr asks, “justify why you did this,” RR basically responds, “We didn’t find anything.” Disastrous answer by RR, one I believe he would only give if he had no alternatives (Barr, et. al. have it all).
“Barr to Mueller:
“Mandate was clear - verify and investigate reports of possible foreign collusion between Pres...” Again, this terse, telegraphic format doesn’t seem like the language of prosecution (not quoting the official transcript) but instead, a Cliff’s notes version (shout out to bagster) for public consumption.

Mueller’s disastrous response: “Steele dossier along w/ media corroboration of those findings.” I believe if Mueller had ANYTHING else he could have said in response, he certainly would have, or that he would decline to answer if he could, and that he never would give THIS response unless forced (legally) to go on record.
“Barr to Mueller:
“Was the Steele report a ‘trusted and verified’ report per Intel to continue especially considering the funding party was the opposition party?” Of course, Barr knew the answer already, and as they say, prosecution never asks a question of a WITNESS (that’s the tone of this paraphrased dialogue - official testimony or deposition of Mueller) unless the prosecution already knows the answer.

I believe “on record” much groundwork was laid establishing the fact it was not trusted and verified (that’s partly why I think Clas 1-99 means “classified pages 1-99, this whole dialogue would have been padded with much legal fortification, presentation of exhibits and necessary verbiage).
“Mueller to Barr:
“Those facts were never taken into consideration.” (ransomnote: This is a fall-outta-your-chair bad answer, given the stakes, yet I believe it was phrased by an attorney to be repeated by Mueller) “FISC granted auth to conduct based on conclusions presented.” These were the best answers Mueller could give!!?? - Barr DOES has it all.
Barr to Mueller:
“Was FISC made aware of all details surrounding the dossier?”
Mueller to Barr:
“No.” “We believe there was urgency placed....” More “concrete balloon” answers Mueller grips tightly as he sinks...

It took me awhile to write all this - if I click “post” now, I will probably discover other, better answers have already been provided by three separate FReeQs, two Anons and a few Tweeters and maybe 7 - 10 new Q drops....but if I bail out now I’ll end up writing small portions of this again to some other post in the next few days.

1,123 posted on 02/17/2019 10:05:39 PM PST by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: generally
Pure, unspeakable, unaldtulterated, irrevocable left wing bullshit.

It speaks of a small-time cloak and dagger more-or-less-Mossad inspired cyber dirty tricks group; talks about how someone in a very lucrative hospital board position (or something) in Tulane, CA, hired them to attack a grass-roots activist who was seeking to have the hospital guy recalled, and how it backfired totally; and how this same cyber firm tried to interest the Trump campaign, and after the election, went around trying to gin up new business with powerpoint slides about the election, if we would have done it, this is how we were going to have done it.

All of which proves MUH RUSSIAN COLLUSION, because New Yawk, not Deplorables. (Never mind that PJDT is a billionaire from New York, himself).

These articles, their authors, and everyone associated with them, are the equivalent of the bugs found crawling on the underside of a large rock when you pick it up.

Screw it.

1,124 posted on 02/17/2019 10:06:19 PM PST by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change with out notice.)
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To: Pete from Shawnee Mission

Perhaps they are setting up a Trade, Snowden and the other two people for for Maria Butina?

“Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina pleaded guilty in federal court to attempting to infiltrate Republican political circles and influence US relations with Russia etc”

Sleep is important? Is there a sleeper cell of CIA agents buried in the NSA? Is he being offered something in exchange for revealing this information? maybe he needs to reach out and deal before he gets traded back to the US?

Its late!
Good night Texokie! Sleep is important! time for bed!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Interesting ideas!

Sleep IS important! Gotta quit soon myself!

1,125 posted on 02/17/2019 10:06:25 PM PST by TEXOKIE
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To: little jeremiah

Several people were reportedly shot on Canal Street in New Orleans Sunday evening after an armed robbery suspect got into a shootout with police.

According to local media, at least four people were shot and have been transported to hospitals — all in critical condition. Another victim was wounded and also transported.

Police say the shooting suspect is dead.

Canal street was completely shut down due to the police investigation.

Who was that brilliant freeper who said ‘beware NO?

1,126 posted on 02/17/2019 10:07:00 PM PST by bitt (new q post)
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To: bitt; ransomnote
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 51be55 No.5237585 
Feb 18 2019 00:55:20 (EST)

Excellent graphic - seconds matter!
Mathematically impossible.

1,127 posted on 02/17/2019 10:09:16 PM PST by haffast (Alternate universes held together by porridge.)
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To: freepersup

1,128 posted on 02/17/2019 10:10:27 PM PST by bitt (new q post)
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To: Disestablishmentarian

I am also fond of the Jason Bourne angle and Deep Dream,T/O. (Q states elsewhere Deep Dream=Twitter.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hadn’t read that one in a long time, Disestablishmentarian. POTUS really did have to fight hard to stake his ground to be able to do his comms with us, didn’t he?

1,129 posted on 02/17/2019 10:10:40 PM PST by TEXOKIE
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To: Tuscaloosa Goldfinch
New: Title TBD
18 Feb 2019 - 12:55:20 AM

Excellent graphic - seconds matter!
Mathematically impossible.

1,130 posted on 02/17/2019 10:14:10 PM PST by bitt (new q post)
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To: haffast
NEW Q - 2779 above at 1127

1,131 posted on 02/17/2019 10:14:16 PM PST by haffast (Alternate universes held together by porridge.)
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To: Darnright; ransomnote; Cats Pajamas; greeneyes; bagster; generally; Wneighbor; mairdie; ...

Clandestine Rosenstein dig: “Thread from late last night. I’m a night owl. Wanted to make sure you all see it. This is paramount to understand just how much control Trump really has.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

THAT is outstanding!! WOW!

1,132 posted on 02/17/2019 10:17:04 PM PST by TEXOKIE
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To: bitt

1,133 posted on 02/17/2019 10:18:15 PM PST by EasySt ( Praise the Lord and pass the meme-unition!)
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To: bitt

How the Democrats Went Nuts in Three Months (Will Pelosi lose the House - again?)
National Review


Now if they will just continue in the same manner, adding Jussie hoaxes, more infanticide laws and crazy anti-American views, Trump wins 2020 in a Reagan landslide.

1,134 posted on 02/17/2019 10:20:41 PM PST by TheTexasMom (Q is my homie)
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To: bitt

new Q!

1,135 posted on 02/17/2019 10:21:44 PM PST by bitt (new q post)
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To: bitt

The clock is ticking.
How’s Russia?..

these posts might be taunts to the DS that we have Snowden inside Russia directing intel against them!?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh my,.. yes - that does seem possible!

@Snowden also had the ‘Bridge’ device/software/highly technical interface dingus which Q was assigning him to use so that the tech platforms would be neutralized or controlled or something. Not a techie here, so others can fill in that blank. But yes, he did have possession of something Q was demanding he use,...I recall even some kind of countdown or trigger, and he could certainly have been in Russia doing that once the white hats controlled him. .... or not! LOL! So many possibilities, aren’t there?

1,136 posted on 02/17/2019 10:23:52 PM PST by TEXOKIE
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To: Whenifhow; null and void; aragorn; EnigmaticAnomaly; kalee; Kale; 2ndDivisionVet; azishot; ...



FEB.18, 2019

START AT #1130

1,137 posted on 02/17/2019 10:24:12 PM PST by bitt (new q post)
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To: bagster

I can’t find it now but someone posted
on this or the last thread that said and I’m paraphrasing

They thought maybe Laura showed Jeb the following

Barr will be AG.

This is a great guess. I like it.

Seeing Jeb so scared was great.

What ever it was, one of the Bush girls should
make sure that note that scared Jeb is
kept for the future.

It could be worth a lot of money.

1,138 posted on 02/17/2019 10:27:34 PM PST by missthethunder
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LOL, we suck up bandwidth and my house becomes increasingly uninhabitable,... is Snowden a WH? Are RR, RM, et al WHs?

Meanwhile, rats are scurrying because THEY know the answers...

1,139 posted on 02/17/2019 10:27:49 PM PST by bitt (new q post)
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To: little jeremiah

Thanks for the Mooch information.

I am thinking he went in and did the job he was reQuested to do and then left.

Perhaps part of it also was the optics of

Oh, crazy Trump. He hires Scaramucci and then after realizing he made another bad hire, the Mooch is gone PDQ.

Temp position placeholder for Trump to get rid of bads, but to DS, it in their minds reinforces Trump WH in chaos and not in control.

Orange Man Bad and Not Fit to be President.

Part of the Plan.

1,140 posted on 02/17/2019 10:27:51 PM PST by TheTexasMom (Q is my homie)
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