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Obama birth certificate story not going away
Coach is Right ^ | 4/21/13 | George Spelvin

Posted on 04/21/2013 9:17:31 AM PDT by Oldpuppymax

According to lead Obama investigator Mike Zullo, fear of ridicule is the number one reason authorities are not acting on the mountain of verifiable evidence of document fraud concerning Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Appearing on the Carl Gallups, Freedom Friday call-in show, Zullo said, “We are dealing with a fraudulent document that would never survive scrutiny of the judicial process.” (1)

Disinformation and the intentional dissemination of false information to protect Obama, will not survive in the face of what Zullo is calling a 100% fabricated document. He listed the following tactics used to discredit the research of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: rawcatslyentist
Anyone ever see the Pelosi "certification" that Odumbo "qualified" to run for president according to the requirement of the Constitution?
"Take my word for it" doesn't cut it.
Zero documentation. Hell, no one could get a driver's license on he word alone!

Wanted... One, just one Republican in the House with the b**** to start impeachment procedures. Even if it goes nowhere, forcing a debate would be historic...

21 posted on 04/21/2013 10:35:42 AM PDT by publius911 (Look for the Union label, then buy something else.)
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To: goldi

I think it all changed during Clinton’s impeachment trial. They had the guy cold: he committed perjury straight up. Not only was he not convicted, but the MSM exacted a terrible price for all those who made an effort (to show that no one is above the law, etc.).

The end result was that Clinton rose in esteem among many voters while the house members who tried to hold him accountable were treated like pariahs. At least one lost his seat, & others faced an erosion of support.

There has not been a single time since then when the Republicans took a stand. It’s as if they chucked their principles & decided that being part of the DC Ruling Class trumped sticking their necks out for conservatism.

At least that’s how it looks to me. Fwiw.

22 posted on 04/21/2013 10:36:20 AM PDT by Fantasywriter
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To: Oldpuppymax

the whole story will probably come out after Obama leaves office, and they’ll just say “what difference does it make?”

23 posted on 04/21/2013 10:36:40 AM PDT by bigbob
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To: Fantasywriter

Well, they can do without my vote.

24 posted on 04/21/2013 10:41:37 AM PDT by goldi
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To: bigbob

A very close relative of mine who is an Obama-bot and has Bush Derangement Syndrome, addmitted recently that Barry’s “Dreams” book has some “mistakes” in it, and she said, “so what” everybody lies”. Also, he’s one of the “greatest Presidents”. She also admitted that the only way for healthcare (obammy care) to work, is to force young, healthy people to pay for all the elderly and sick, but without HER giving up anything. I asked her if it was worth sticking it to her children and grandchildren. It is and they aren’t really going to be stuck because the “government can print more money” and Paul Krugman is brilliant.

This is the mindset of most of Barry’s voters. Nothing will change their minds as long as “theirs” isn’t touched.

25 posted on 04/21/2013 10:45:43 AM PDT by machogirl (First they came for my tagline)
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To: Oldpuppymax
Obama birth certificate story not going away

And rightfully so. Obama is the only person in America who doesn't have to prove he's an American, even though proof is required for the office he has usurped.

It's quite simple. There is no documentary evidence proving Obama is a U.S. Citizen let alone a Natural Born Citizen. There is plenty of evidence proving he is an illegal alien continuously involved in criminal conspiracy.

Documentation, basic observation, and reasoning always lead to the same conclusion; Obama is a Moslem illegal alien bent on destroying America to further Islamic supremacy. He is and always has been a fraud. But this fraud is an enemy of country.

And so are those who put him in the White House!

26 posted on 04/21/2013 10:46:49 AM PDT by DakotaGator (Weep for the lost Republic! And keep your powder dry!!)
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To: goldi

I hear you. Here in GA at the moment my Senators are Isakson & Chambliss, two of the biggest RINOs in congress. Fortunately Chambliss is retiring, so there’s hope. It will end up being the Tea Party against DC. Hope we win.

27 posted on 04/21/2013 10:46:57 AM PDT by Fantasywriter
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To: machogirl

“This is the mindset of most of Barry’s voters. Nothing will change their minds as long as “theirs” isn’t touched.”

So true. I asked a friend recently what he thinks of Obama’s presidency so far. He said, “He hasn’t hurt me”, & he touched his wallet as he said it. This guy gets a gov. check, & as long as it keeps coming in, he has not a word to say against the Pres.

28 posted on 04/21/2013 10:50:11 AM PDT by Fantasywriter
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To: Hostage

Somehow you seem to be objecting to replacing the Rule of Law with the Rule of Ridicule. Such nerve! Obviously you are a racist. You probably don’t even think that the nation should be run like Ci-cago. Imagine!

29 posted on 04/21/2013 10:52:13 AM PDT by AmericanVictory (Should we be more like them or they more like we used to be?)
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To: mnehring

Obama, can’t legally run in 2016,,,but he could declare a national security alert and postpone the election, and then stay in power to save the country...forever....

30 posted on 04/21/2013 10:58:40 AM PDT by B212
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To: Oldpuppymax

Not until congresscretins start investigative procedures to deeply delve into Obama’s background, the question of his BC remains a moot point.

And they won’t start it because, if the truth came out, all the enablers will automatically become suspects of a congressional conspiracy.

31 posted on 04/21/2013 11:03:50 AM PDT by 353FMG ( I do not indicate whether I am serious or sarcastic -- I respect FReepers too much.)
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To: onedoug
We knew more of the backgrounds in two days of the lugs who carried out the Boston bombing than we do of hussein’s after five years.

Well said, onedoug!

32 posted on 04/21/2013 12:02:01 PM PDT by Standing Wolf
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To: Fantasywriter

As long as there are more that support “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, we are doomed. Eventually, the “Peters” of this Country won’t have anymore to take.

33 posted on 04/21/2013 12:34:41 PM PDT by machogirl (First they came for my tagline)
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To: machogirl

That’s true. My friend’s sole concern is receiving his mo’ly dole. If somebody told him the only way to sustain it wd be socialism, he’d be onboard before you cd say ‘Cloward-Piven’. Asking him to think ahead to the point where the whole system collapses wd be like asking a cow to calculate how much hay is in an acre. It’s just not a concept/concern that’s on my friend’s radar screen. By the time calamity hits, it will be too late.

34 posted on 04/21/2013 12:53:37 PM PDT by Fantasywriter
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To: rawcatslyentist
You say . . .
The certificate is irrelevant! His parentage disqualifies his holding the office of POTUS!

In my opinion, a careful, fair-minded student of history and semantics could not avoid the conclusion that a person of Obama's self-proclaimed parentage does indeed fall outside the founders' intended definition of "natural born citizen" in Article II. Nevertheless, to my dismay, the overwhelming majority of those who have any legal authority appear to be quite convinced that "two citizen parents" is not a requirement. That of course doesn't make them right, but it does urge me to attend to other potential fronts on which this battle can be advanced.

My point is that I think we are behooved NOT to regard the certificate as irrelevant! Given that there are numerous clear indicators that the document does not accurately represent an authentic original, there is sitting before us plentiful evidence that the White House website is being used to convey a fraudulent, forged document purporting to remove all doubt of Obama's identity and eligibility. While I support ongoing efforts to see Article II recognized as what it was intended to mean, I will certainly not therefore, turn a blind eye to the direct evidence of punishable, criminal forgery.

In fact, the reality that the Birth Certificate is forged, leaves us to even wonder whether the official line on Obama's parents is accurate at all. It could be that he was indeed born to two citizen parents on U.S. soil after all, but that would still implicate him as a natural born criminal forger.

I refuse to dismiss our de facto Commander in Chief from the penalty due him for his scheme to hide behind a forged birth certificate. Why should we not seek to hold the Obama administration accountable for this unprecedented defrauding of We the People? Bringing the forgers to justice stands as a fully worthy pursuit independent of the matter of Obama's claimed parentage.

35 posted on 04/21/2013 1:58:27 PM PDT by ecinkc (Alvin T. Onaka: Long-time "public servant" who twisted technicalities to deceive a nation)
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To: Oldpuppymax

Many people ridiculed Noah as he was building the Ark.

36 posted on 04/21/2013 2:01:49 PM PDT by Spartan302
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To: Spartan302

Many people ridiculed Noah as he was building the Ark.

Not according to my Bible.

37 posted on 04/21/2013 2:12:10 PM PDT by ConstantSkeptic (Be careful about preconceptions)
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To: ConstantSkeptic

I gues I was mistaken, I thought Noah was given a job to do by the Lord, and the people mocked him for it, except his family.

38 posted on 04/21/2013 2:17:59 PM PDT by Spartan302
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To: ecinkc

The reason that the congressional Republicans won’t touch this issue is because they woud have to disavow the word of fellow Republicans, like the previous Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle who said:
“You know, during the campaign of 2008, I was actually in the mainland campaigning for Sen. McCain. This issue kept coming up so much in the campaign, and again I think it’s one of those issues that is simply a distraction from the more critical issues that are facing the country. And so I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health, and we issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. And that’s just a fact. And yet people continue to call up and e-mail and want to make it an issue. And I think it’s, again, a horrible distraction for the country by those people who continue this. ... It’s been established. He was born here.”—Governor Linda Lingle, R-HI.

And, the Director of Health for Hawaii under Governor Lingle’s administration:

Any committee chair in the House Of Representatives could issue a congressional subpoena for Obama’s original birth certificate in order to compare it to the version, but none of them will go near this issue. I believe it is because of Governor Lingle’s and Dr. Fukino’s assurances.

39 posted on 04/21/2013 2:33:00 PM PDT by Nero Germanicus
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To: Nero Germanicus

Your reasoning is faultless, but depressing. I’m hoping for a Black Swan event, if only to keep my spirits up.

40 posted on 04/21/2013 3:05:47 PM PDT by notted
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