Since Nov 22, 2000

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If you're looking me up, you must have a reason... So here is what's probably most important to you:

I have never voted for a Democrat, from President to Dog Catcher, in my life. I have probably voted for less than 10 Republicans in my life. I've voted in every election since turning 18, lo those years ago.

I'm a Libertarian, and yes, I understand that many people are afraid of Libertarian ideology. I am not afraid of freedom. I have heaping disdain for the idea that big government is okay so long as it's Republicans doing the screwing.

I'm a social liberal and fiscal conservative. I like Republican ideas on the economy when they include expanding capitalism, decreasing taxes and protecting the rights of the individual, but find most of the social agenda hypocritical and outdated, and out of place in a free society.

While I rarely 'agree' with either side in any major battle, I think I can separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to figuring out who's trying to control the way you live, from taxes to social agendas.

If you want to, at the least, halve the size of government, and halve taxes, then we can probably get along fine.

Government is NOT the answer to our problems.

And, oh yeah... The U.N. sucks. It's a dangerous congregation of world socialists who primarily view the US with disdain, except when they're cashing our checks or being invaded by another country. Turn it into a charity organization to help developing countries, but leave it out of our affairs.