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“Dance, then, wherever you may be. I am the Lord of the Dance, said He”

On Sept 14, 2006, my beautiful niece Amy (bottom picture: seated in the middle with dark hair and wearing a blue shirt with baby on lap) and her father, Doug, were swept away in a riptide while on vacation at Ocean City, MD.

Doug had made his way out, but turned back to try to save Amy. Sadly, they both drowned. The Coast Guard recovered their bodies. He will always be a hero to us.

Please check out Amy's Irish dancing company for a beautiful memorial page. There is also a link to our family's page which has pictures of Doug and Amy as well as several news accounts.

My sister is left with the other 5 girls and is doing OK.

The line for the first viewing (which was held at the church to accommodate so many people) went out the door from 4 until 9:00pm.

What a testimony....they were so loved.

Here's a shot of me with a few of my sister's kids and greeting people at the first viewing:

The bishop asked to officiate, along with several other priests, deacons, monsignors. *sigh* Here is my sister just after the service, being greeted by the bishop. That's my Navy brother at her side

My niece Emily (red jacket) at her finest hour. As the eldest of the Martin girls, she asked if she could please carry Amy "one last time"

...prayers are always appreciated. thank you.


"ZinGirl" was my 3rd choice.....and even THAT was a spur-of-the-moment thing....has nothing to do with "Zen" anything....and a LOT to do with Sutter Home White Zinfandel.

Here's an American family for you...this is a pix of my two kids (in there somewhere) with my sister's and brother's kids....with three other kids not in the picture.