Since Oct 7, 2003

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Certa bonum certamen! *

Proud to be American. Proud to be a New Yorker!

Mother of 3. IT professional.

Former cat owner, now owned by a dog.
(RIP my dear canine friend, 11/14/2008. I'll never forget you, Max)

Never forget 9/11/2001!

Update 2009 - Florida bound, this NYer is going to be a Southerner come July!!!

Update - I LOVE living in Florida, but my heart is in the Bronx and Westchester. Go Yankees!

Extremely proud mother of a new US Army soldier. Enlisted out of high school July 2009, turned down a chance to go to college to do this now.

Please keep him and all our servicemen and women in your prayers. And their anxious mothers too.

*Fight the Good Fight!