Since Aug 24, 2000

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That rarest of breeds, a Democratic conservative. What you used to call a Reagan Democrat. But what do you expect? Most NY elections take place in primaries and the only place to have any influence is in the Democratic one.

I am a 22 year teacher with NYC public schools. I am not the only conservative in my school. Of our staff of 127 there are four of us. Though I am the only member of Free Republic, probably in the whole school system.

Though NYC raised and bred, I now live in Nassau County which had been a stronghold of the GOP, until they bankrupted the fifth richest county in the U.S. Sometimes the things the GOP does bewilder me.

There are things I don’t like about John McCain, but the truth is that an Obama presidency will inflict the greatest disaster on this nation that it has ever seen. Four years of the haloed one will see a rebirth of the USSR here in the USA.