Since Sep 15, 2001

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If you are here it is because you are wondering where I went. I am in very occasional lurk mode.

FR is a weak shadow of what it was when I joined. I used to come here to read posts by folks who knew more than I did about various geo-political and social issues. Those folks are either long gone or (based on messages I’ve received over the past year) in lurk mode too.

They have been pushed out by the cadre of shallow thinking loud-mouths who think that conservatism equals hatred of everything and everyone who disagrees on anything at all.

In depth dialog about everything from the threat of islam in South America to social issues to patterns in Western Civilization’s history have been replaced by the basest forms of personal attacks and Zot-hungry muggings by the same mob.

The attacks never dissuaded me or knocked me off my own course of factual presentation but I have received literally dozens of private messages from freepers who have said that the utter lack of civility and the vile aspect of many such posts did silence them.

Comments like, “the only good queer is a dead queer” from long-time freepers are not conservative, they are hate.

The constant racial posturing on the zimmerman threads, with posts like, “all black youths are suspects - they kill”or "I have become a race-hater", is not conservative it is racism.

The “I’m a Christian and God told me who to vote for - you’re going to hell” posts all over any Romney thread are not conservative; they are the height of arrogance and more than just a little bit crazy.

I’ll be around every once in a while but for now, too much, not all but too much, of what passes for acceptable dialog here falls way too far below any decent standard to hold my attention.