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Since Jan 25, 2002

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Skeptic about the affairs of men. The only entity that gets my blind faith is God.

I'm not from Missouri, but you still have to show me.

I own my own IT business. Someone else has to go out on the calls; I had a stroke back in 2007.

A big fan of lifelong learning and remembering things as accurately as possible, which is extremely difficult without fact-checking. Google is our friend! (It used to be that big leather-bound Encyclopedia Brittanica; we still have ours for the days when the internet is down.)

've been attacked for posting from lib sites. The questions usually say " How can you read a lefty web site and be a Freeper?" I don’t restrict myself as to the sources of my information. I read as many sources as possible and make up my own mind about issues. It’s called being a skeptic. Must one absolutely be an Objectivist in order to be a Freeper? Is there some sort of intellectual straitjacket that one agrees to wear, that prevent all intellectual critique and analysis? But I read these sites, as well as Conservative ones, across the political spectrum, because I am trying to gather as much info as possible. I then post a few articles here, because there may be other Freepers who will also be interested in the information, even if they have to hold their noses to get it. We should all be able to read skeptically and evaluate information from a variety of sources. Besides, if we accept arguments uncritically, simply on the basis of their source, we run the risk of being manipulated and deceived. "Won't get fooled again," as our 43rd President (quoting Townsend) has said.

Favorite websites:

www.snopes.com That's the one where you check out all the things that you read everywhere else.

www.shorpy.com. It's like a vacation from all the hullabaloo of the modern hurly-burly to gaze on those beautiful, crystal-clear moments of the past.

http://www.sciencedaily.com/ There's too much going on in the world of scientific research for the lamestream media to cover it all. Sciencedaily helps us overcome that flaw.

http://astrobob.areavoices.com/ Stand in the backyard on a dark, cloudless, moonless night. Look up. It's a great way to put all the frustrations of this life, on this part of the planet, at this point in time, into real perspective. God gave us this magnificent view for a reason.