Since Feb 25, 2001

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I guess I must be addicted to North Carolina. I was born in Winston-Salem, reared in Walkertown, moved to Roxboro, Wilmington, Cary, Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough, and now Siler City. (Actually, if you look on a map, I'm on the bottom point of the road sign that says '64' between Pittsboro and Siler City.)

I spend my non-FReeping time taking care of....
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These are Zack and Alexis, the pop and mom of these puppies. Alexis died in 2016, and Zachary died in 2017

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They're half Shih Tzu, a quarter Beagle, and a quarter Pit Bull.
The puppies are gone now, except I kept the spotted guy in the middle.
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This is Jacob and Ralphie. Jacob was left at my house by his mom. He died in 2016. Ralphie was taken from a drug dealer who couldn't take care of himself, much less a dog.

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This is Nicholette and Ladybug. Nicholette was abondoned in the bad part of town. When my wife brought Nicholette home as a puppy, she said, "This is Nicholas". I took one look and said, "No, it ain't." That's not a trick of the camera on Ladybug: she has one brown eye and one blue.UPDATE, Ladybug and Nicholette both passed away this past year. They were much loved.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com This is Lucky facing off with Ralphie. Notice that Ralphie has his own heater. It's coming in handy on these cold nights (I've closed in the kennel to keep the heat in.)

The scruffy brown cutie is Lil' Bear. She's Lucky's sister (the one beside him in the puppy picture above). Lil' Bear didn't get along with my sister's dogs, so I took her back.
With all these dogs, rawhide consumes a big part of my income.
This is Lucy, my newest addition.

She was living at my parents' house, when their insurance came up for renewal. The insurance company believes the hype, so she had to go. Now, I ask you; Is that the face of a killer? Update: Lucy passed away last year of cancer. I think my experience with Lucy has convinced me that if I ever get another dog, it'll be one of the several dogs labeled as a Pit Bull.

The dog's don't like it when I crank up the bass rig:

These are the states I've visited. (Not on this map are British Columbia and Ontario)

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