Since May 4, 2001

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I am a Conservative Republican. I cannot for the life of me understand any non Democrat, (and including some of them), who would vote for J. F. Kerry. (The French looking guy who can't seem to make up his mind if he is Irish or Jewish who is married to an African American) or any other Democrat propelled at the last moment upon the rejection J.F. Kerry(the fat necked water beast, Hillabeast), into the Democratic nominee for President.

I cannot understand how so much mind boggling and spine tingling evil is alive and apparently doing well in this Wonderful Country for whom so many fought and died.

I am heart sick and fearful that the evil will overwhelm and what will follow will be unimagineable. Unless Islam is the desire of the majority of Americans, and the likes of Hillary and her screeching sisters in the White House to oversee our demise seems tolerable.

Having been around for the end of the 2nd WW, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somolia, Kosovo, and the Iraqi War I now know that evil will continue to be fought forever, as long as there is man. Now is so important in this fight.
Every rational thinking person has to vote for our Wartime Commander and Chief. It is the war that is most pressing and important. Americans can handle the homefront. If only the traitorous Senators from WA, NY, MA, VA, NJ would shut up and sit down. They should be sent to thier rooms,with bars, for the duration.