Since Jul 19, 2009

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Long,long time lurker (since 1997). I’ve never posted here because my spelling stinks and I type slow. While reading a “John Tompson” post about the slime at Daily Kos I saw two posters go at each other. One defended his poor spelling and grammar. the other derided his poor language skills. It made me realize my voice should not be silenced by my ability and not being able to overcome a lifetime of poor skills. So now I post and reply!

Believe it Free Republic is a force, it is a bastion of free thought and a exchange of conservative ideas. I have loved reading articles, vanity posts, and references to viking kitties (which I am still sketchy on). I’m eager to become a contributor to the forum.

I am a former business owner, now a low wage blue collar worker. I am involved in community service and volunteering, I serve as a election judge, and am active in my Church (LDS though I may not get involved in the many anti rants posted here). I believe in conservative principles, the ones the Founders promoted. Limited ‘gubermint’, strong defense, free capitalist markets, freedom of speech, religion, the right to bear arms, protected borders, legal immigration, and all that has made this country great and a beacon of righteousness and opportunity worldwide.

I hope my decision to come out from behind my learnin’ disability and be a contributor will be a fruitful and enjoyable one. Though my meager financial donations will be small I’ll give to the cause be cause I believe in freedom and Freepers