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Since Sep 14, 2001

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I live in WV and have worked in Beckley since 2002. I moved around a fair bit before settling here - born in Chicago, grew up in NC, undergrad at Harvard, med school at Duke, residency at Duke and at Harvard, faculty positions at Harvard and the University of AZ in Tucson, and five years practicing in Denver before moving to WV.

My politics are best described as libertarian in domestic issues, neo-conservative in foreign policy. Since the two party system is probably here for the remainder of my lifetime, I call myself a Republican, and though I occasionally differ with my more traditional conservative GOP brethren, these are differences that I can live with, as opposed to my differences with the Democrats. My hot-button issues tend to be related to the second amendment and RKBA, tort reform (well, I am a physician), abuse of government power, and Israel/Middle East/War on Terror (so far as I'm concerned these are all just different battles in the same war). I'm a news junkie, but don't trust the MSM, and since I can't spend my day watching Fox News, I get most of my info from blogs. Though I used to post articles on FR more frequently, now I mostly lurk and toss in a comment here and there; I am very grateful for FR and the "new media," like talk radio, blogs, bulletin boards like FR, etc., since these now allow us to overcome the isolation that the MSM had imposed upon us up to now.