Since Feb 4, 1999

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I grew up in the 70's thinking America's best years might be behind her. When Ronald Reagan won the presidency in 1980, I thought we were on the right track again. I headed to college and buried myself in my engineering studies. When I took the time to look around, I saw an America that was becoming strong again. I wasn't happy with all that President Bush did, but I thought we were in good shape until the Los Angeles riots of 1992. As I watched a distant American city burn while no government did anything to stop the thugs, I realized that things were much worse than I had imagined. I took a class on firearm safety and bought a gun. I joined the NRA and started to become politically active. In 1995, I went online and discovered a flair for political writing. I eventally joined Free Republic because it offered a chance to express my opinions to people who cared about our country. I also have my own website for my political writing.

I wasn't active in the '94 elections because I had just lost a job and was spending my time looking for work. I was moderately active in '96. In '98, I was webmaster for a Republican Congressional candidate in Tennessee and did every other volunteer job available in that campaign at one time or another. In '00, I volunteered for Congressional campaigns in my new home of Texas. I mostly did block-walking, but I also served as a poll-watcher on election day.

I enjoy outdoor activities when I'm not doing something political. I work as an engineer for a large oil company. I'm single but looking.