Since Feb 26, 2003

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Rock solid conservative, Christian, Republican.
Not yet made perfect so don't tell me about my flaws. Lover of golf, gardening, deer and duck hunting, my wife, three kids, and their spouses. Our kids are conservatives and I'm working on their spouses. Go Duncan Hunter!! or Newt or Fred Thompson. Was previously known as 'Commissioner' on FreeRepublic since 1998. Lost that handle when I could not remember my password. It was automatically entered for me on my work computer. That job was lost due to the efforts of the Enviro-whackos against bio-engineered foods so I could not have my password e-mailed to me at home (different e-mail address). Appears they were wrong on that account. Prior to that job, I lost a job at a chlorofluorocarbons plant (18 years)again because of enviro-whacks, as we were supposedly eating a hole in the ozone (never proven). So, mainstream do-gooder scientists don't hold much credibility in my eyes. The "global warming" kooks are out to destroy economies and jobs and you better believe they can do it. I just don't understand why they want to do this other than that they are socialist, one world government types. There done ranting. Thanks for listening. WMM