Since Jul 30, 2006

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As an immensely proud Swedish and European patriot, I fearlessly stand up for everthing true and noble my part of the World has accomplished and I expect the same behavior from every individual daring and aware enough to call himself, or herself, a patriot.

In me, you will forever have a friend and an ally.

Alliances are not merely about securing petty interests of individual or national gain. There are certain alliances that go deeper than that, so deep they even determine the very future of mankind itself. The alliance between Europe and America is such a relation and it ought to be remembered more often on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Western Civilization is one.

Standing alone, Europe as well as America probably could survive on their own for centuries on. But in order to, truly, subdue the troublesome tides of time ahead of us, we need to sacrifice something which, apparently, seems even more precious to some of us than the lives of Westerners today fighting real wars, serving at real frontlines; namely swallowing a little of pride.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the finest minds in the history of Western thought and deed, once said (in a solely American context though): “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

Today, Europe and America is in a war together. In one way we are even in two wars together.

Many good members of Western Civilization are unaware our civilization is being challenged, not only from the outside by raving Islamist fanatics, but also from within.

Westerners who acknowledge no other Western values except the right to daily attack Western Civilization itself are everywhere - check out any nearby university or PC editorial office.

These "debaters", "authors", "intellectuals", scholars", journalists" and "activists", indeed, have the right to express themselves, but all of us who oppose Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, Environmentalism etc likewise share a moral duty of defending the great gift and marvel of freedom, justice and enlightenment against movements who strive to limit human liberty and reduce all of us into disposable pieces that fit the machinery of their sickening ideological delusions.

Being a part of World history is a fortune and YOU can contribute to it in so many ways.

Whenever you defend true civilization and real progress here on Earth, you are in the spiritual company of Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Churchill, Pericles, Franklin, Schiller, Goethe, Nobel and Beethoven.

There is no force neither here on Earth, in Hell or elsewhere that forever can hold the power of freedom and human spirit back.

Western Civilization of today disposes of all the means necessary to bring forth a new renaissance - and there's nothing to be afraid of. What is Humanity's foremost purpose? It is our duty, not to run marathons in record times, but to not be afraid when handing over, or receiving the relay, the baton of human endeavours. There's nothing more to be said, but so much more to be done.