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Watery Tart hasn't created an about page. She's not a newbie, though!
Watery Tart has actually been FReeping
since November 2002--
she just changed her nic'!

You don't vote for kings.

Well, how did you become king, then?

The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held Excalibur aloft from the bosom of the water to signify by Divine Providence ... that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur ... That is why I am your king!

Is Frank in? He'd be able to deal with this one.

Look, strange women lying on their backs in ponds handing out swords ... that's no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

Be quiet!

You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some Watery Tart threw a sword at you!

Shut up!

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

(Grabbing him by the collar) Shut up, will you. Shut up!

Ah! NOW ... we see the violence inherent in the system!

Shut up!

Before you go on, it is required that you read this
manifesto -- written by our own Pukin Dog,
and posted on ChronWatch by Congressman Billybob.

(I'm glad he's on our side!)

No One expects the Freeper Inquisition!

And no one expects the Viking Kitties, either!

From Mark Steyn:

The other day, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad told Lisbon’s Publica magazine that a group of London Islamists are ‘ready to launch a big operation’ on British soil.

‘We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents,’ he said, clarifying the ground rules. ‘Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value.’

The cleric added he expected to see the banner of Islam flying in Downing Street. ‘I believe one day that is going to happen. Because this is my country, I like living here,’ he said. ‘If they believe in democracy, who are they afraid of? Let Omar Bakri benefit from democracy!’

Any questions?

Feh. And bother.
Paparazzi, again.
And all because of Post 87.

Too many trolls and truly confused folks (one and the same?)
have hatched in this flea-and-tick season. Oh, well....

My pirate name is:
Bloody Morgan Rackham
Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!
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