Since May 28, 2001

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Member since Summer 2000
Native Son of Texas
..Religious Right Conservative
Licensed Baptist Minister

My Favorite Presidents
George Washington   Abraham Lincoln   Theodore Roosevelt  

 Ronald Reagan

 Donald Trump

..when there is any conflict between God and Caesar
 -- guess who loses?

..The United States of America is a Judeo-Christian based society
and a Constitutional Republic...

..activism for social change by an American who happens to be Christian should not be criticized--it is everyone's right--neither should it be confused as being the primary commission of the Church...

The American Christian, as he or she seeks to fulfill the Lord’s Great Commission and Great Commandment in this world, also has a special stewardship—the Stewardship of Citizenship. In no way are people of faith commanded to be silent spectators in civil matters. In a monarchy or totalitarian state, we would perhaps have a different approach to living. But in view of the fact that “We The People” are the holders of civil and political authority, we are responsible for the state and future of the nation. In these last days, may God grant us the wisdom and fortitude to be faithful stewards of this great nation—this Free Republic.