Since Sep 25, 1998

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Married, Bible-believing, Gun-owning, Meat-eating, Music-loving full time professional and part time college professor of Economics and Finance.

(Guess Obama thinks that makes me bitter.)

Robbie is a very sophisticated dog who is working on his technique as a concert pianist.

He loves to drink Dr. Pepper directly from the can (or the case) and hasn't quite mastered proper etiquette in this area.


Robbie loves The Simpsons. His favorite character is was Bart.

He is also a football fan and gets really excited over a big play.


Robbie has a new girlfriend now, and her name is Lilah. She is a very sweet dog, and she loves to sit in my lap.

While Robbie was recovering from ACL surgery and confined to his crate, Lilah would lay down by his crate to keep him company.

Robbie gets a little jealous of attention. When Lilah came over to the chair for me to pet her, Robbie came over and grabbed my arm to pull my hand away from her.

Satisfied that I was no longer petting her, Robbie rolled on the floor with Lilah and they nuzzled heads together.

Lilah and Robbie are very devout dogs who enjoy celebrating the Birth of Christ.

I also enjoy photography, especially taking pictures of sports. Here are a few of my favorite pics of my boys playing football.

This is one of my favorite pics of my older son (#83), when he was a freshman in high school. He played defensive end, and in this picture despite being blatantly held (unless you are a Seahawk fan), he penetrated the line and is about to tackle the running back for a safety. Check out the look in the eyes of the running back as he can see he is about to be toast. This is another pic of Josh pressuring the quarterback out of the pocket and forcing him to throw early, running for his life.


This is one of my favorite pictures of my younger son (#36) as an eighth grader. He played running back and linebacker. Here he crosses the goal line to complete a touchdown run. Here is another pic of Nick after catching a screen pass which he then carried into the end zone for another touchdown.

(I took the football pics with my Nikon 35mm camera and then scanned the prints to get digital images.  Mrs. VRWCmember took the pics of the dogs with the new Nikon D50 digital camera that I bought her for our anniversary a few years ago.)