Since Sep 4, 1999

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World War 2 U.S.Navy Veteran from 1943 to 1946 Communications Div. and Boat Div.(carrying assault troops to the beaches during these invasions) U.S.S Catskill LSV-1,Seventh Fleet. Three invasions: Leyte Gulf P.I.Oct.20,1944; Lingayen Gulf, Luzon P.I.Jan.9, 1945; Okinawa Shima, Japan April 1,1945. Retired truck driver and safety supervisor for two trucking companies. Also have been married to the same good woman, who is a retired(after 32 years) 2nd grade Special Education Teacher, going into our 53rd year. Birthed and raised one son, who is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Classroom Teacher, of whom we are very proud. Own and ride a 1993 Kawasaki Voyager XII in any parade I can get to and thoroughly enjoy riding in the Colorado Rockies generally around Labor Day week because at that time of year the weather is marvelous almost anywhere you ride in that beautiful State. VIVA COLORADO!! Sold my '93 Voyager 12 because of high mileage(93K) and I found a buyer who couldn't live without it. It was a good buy for him, he stated! I am hoping to buy a new Kawasaki 750 (2004) If my wife would unfreeze my bank account and her attitude about me not being willing to live without a motorcycle(it would be my 12th motorcycle in 38 years). I had a Kawasaki 750('93 model) that I traded in on my '93 Voyager. It was a good bike but just not fancy enough for me at my young age of 67('93).Boring but true neverless!Latest news(04-17-04)still no new motorcycle woe is me life is just rushing by at 77 years old and counting! Here it is almost a year later (07-31-04) and still no new bike, old bike or any bike, hey Abba Father, please are you listening? December 2004, still no new bike, have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, three heart valves leaking(one moderate to severe)type 2 diabetes, went on a proper diet for diabetics and an excellent exercise program which I designed myself and to date Dec. 15th 2004 have shed 45 lbs in about 4 months. Stay tuned, feel great and am looking forward to the day I am free financially and (with my wife's approval)to ride again. I will be 80 my next birthday and still hale and hearty but still no 12th motorcycle, boy time sure is flying. Thank goodness my desire to ride again up into Colorado has not deminished due mostly to my continued good health(to God be the Glory) financially and physically! Life sure is wonderful! Still not been allowed to replace my VOYAGER TWELVE motorcycle with what I wanted, a 750 Kawasaki cruiser. Turned 80 years old August 21, 2006 health still excellent and looking for this lack of a ride& to be rectified and start riding up into beautiful Colorado this coming Summer on vacation. Keep your fingers crossed(so to speak). Today is November 3rd 2006. LATER DUDES!