Since May 12, 2009

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I hate Chinese Communist Party. No, they did not kick my dog. They murdered millions of my ancestors.

Why is CCP Dangerous?

They want to sway all the ethnic hans in the world to their side, under the pretext that they’re all the “sons and daughters of the Yellow Emperor”.

Everybody talks about jews and their galaxy-spanning conspiracies, “new world orders” and blames everything on jews. 99% of all these accusations are fabrications.

Meanwhile, we see case after case of ethnic chinese in universities and scientific institutions in the west spying for PRC, infiltrating the politics of their host countries. Just look at Australia and Canada of examples of even some Hong Kong and Taiwanese people working for CCP.

All the accusations against Jews applies perfectly to the CCP. Difference is, what CCP is doing is happening before our very eyes, there is no need for fabricated conspiracies like they do against Israel.

CCP is really putting a big stain on the reputation of chinese people everywhere.