Since Mar 29, 2015

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I once was lost.

But now I’m found.

After growing up in rural Virginia with relatively conservative values I found myself entering adolescence confused and seeking answers. Most of my family were Greatest Generation Democrats but they wre not leftists and I always regarded myself a Democrat. Entering college in Virginia threw me for a loop and I came out as far left liberal as they come. I thought I had “found” something in my newfound “knowledge.” I went into liberal warrior mode trashing everything. In my early 20’s my family moved to North Carolina where I again entered college and something wonderful happened to me. I had the good fortune to come into contact with an instructor who was *not* a liberal or a leftist. We debated a few things and the cracks in my ideology started. She told me about a book from a famous conservative and it helped turn the crack into a blast hole. I can’t quite recall when or why it happened but in my late 20’s/early 30’s something started. You could say the blast hole turned into total dam failure. I started to re-question everything once more. I awoke to the fact I was not happy. I suddenly and inexplicably began to doubt many of the liberal “truths” I thought I had found. It started to occur to me that liberalism leads only to emptiness. I became a conservative “seeker” looking for challenges to the liberal orthodoxy. Many things I came across accidentaly while searching. Free Republic was one of those things. Free Republic, along with many other conservative sites and books, helped me as I began to learn the other side. I have been reading Free Republic for over 12 years. I also found many other conservative sites which I began to read and I happily discovered that I agreed with almost all of it. At age 41 I have come full circle. I am now as far to the right as one can possibly get. I feel “at home” in my own ideology. I’m where I want to be forevermore.

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