Since Dec 4, 2000

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Proud member of the United States military, switched to the Reserves in 2000, serving since Jan 1996. Made Master Sgt (MSgt) in 2008, in Iraq. All FReepers, keep up the good work!

Two kids, 7 and 9, and a great wife.

Work at JWAC (Joint Warfare Analysis Center, in Dahlgren, VA. (Air Force guy on an Navy base, you learn a lot, that's for sure), live in Freddyburg (Fredericksburg for non-locals) (housing in NoVA is crazy, can't afford to live there and still have a nice house!).

My wife and I on our wedding day -- yes, we got married on our 1982 Honda SilverWing.

Been to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1997.
Ali Al Salem, Kuwait in 1999.
Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia in 2002.
Baghdad, Iraq in 2008.