Since Oct 9, 1999

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Suspected as being Ex-wife of John Robinson. Not true. BFFs forever. I Will Always Support FR.

Many threads have been devoted to me at Free Republic, and many thousands of posts at numerous other forums for many years.
I once helped raise nearly $80,000.00 for FR in three days by participating in an open-thread flamewar with trolls who hated Free Republic and tried to take it down, for years. (#epicfail)
I was the subject of brutal harassment, lies, innuendo, and smear campaigns for years from what were then called "antifreepers", "AFers", or (my favorite!) "AFholes".
They resided at many forums which I helped take down or sometimes even deleted myself when granted access by the unsuspecting AFholes. They were chaos personified. Disloyal. Backstabbers. Wannabes. Anklebiters. Fame whores.
I've survived cancer. Twice.
I know where all the bodies are buried.

Sentimental email I wrote many years ago, was handed over by the notorious former (and disbarred!) FR attorney, to Free Republic's biggest enemies. Why? Because he was an idiot! They published that email for years. I was not embarrassed in the least, to be caught privately expressing my fondness for Jim, John, and the website that has done more for the early days of conservatism, than even Rush Limbaugh. (If anyone still has a copy of my old emails, please send them to me! I'd love to read them again.)

I never used another ID until I became the original fake JennLArt, simply to prove to AFholes that IDs *do* matter. I said "whatever" once, and it didn't go over well.

I'm still here. Whatever.