Since Jan 31, 2003

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The City of Lakes and Flakes, Minneapolis, MN. The City which I inhabit.

Some call me a Facist.

Some call me a Nazi.

I'll rather be called "Lee"

I dislike your nanny-government,

I dislike your faux utopia and I especially dislike your attempts to patronize me because my skin happens not to glare in the sunlight.

I may not like some people's choices in religion, but I'll be damned if your government tells people how to practice their religious beliefs because they offend one of your pet lower classes

Whoever has the arms gets to keep their freedoms. Guess who has the least freedoms?

Big brother is watching you

I'm a proud, freedom loving American, that also happens to be proud of being a right-Goth, Afro-Carribean and an artist.

Weird, gothic inspired banner goes here.

The pictures on the banner are of me, a cartoon version of me with my snowboard and guitar, Robert Smith of the Cure, Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees, our Commander In Cheif, an auto weapon (Which our government deemed us not responsible enough to have.) Oedipus Rex (My favorite play), Ego Likeness (My favorite new band.), a bald eagle, Justice, and Lady Liberty with the late Twin Towers.

And if you're wondering what the pictures are of, the flags are the Minnesota flag, the English (Not British) flag, the Trinidad And Tobago flag and of course Old Glory.

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