Two Kids' Dad
Since Dec 14, 1998

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I have a wife and two wonderful girls that mean the world to me and an awesome son-in-law in the Marine Corps that is a shining example of what's right with this country. I consider myself a mix of conservative and libertarian but do not align myself with any political party since none really reflect my values. The Tea Party is the movement to whom I most closely align but they're not an official political party (yet).

I was born in 1966 and don't believe in any particular religion, but I do believe that Christianity and Judaism are a positive force in the world. Islam, not so much. I believe that those who fight for 'separation of church and state' are either misguided or evil because their efforts are in direct contravention of the first amendment's protection that people are guaranteed the right to freely worship as they please.

Here's older kid and her husband

Here's younger kid

Here are the guys (Heroes)

I believe in individual liberty, small government, a strong military, a firm adherence to the Constitution, making babies laugh and making liberals cry.

I believe that all discussions of immigration need to be perfectly clear whether the speaker is talking about legal immigration, illegal aliens, or all immigrants. No clouding the subject with vague euphemisms and intentionally imprecise language. Illegals need to be processed by law enforcement and flown back to their country of origin, unless they've committed crimes, in which case they need to be prosecuted, jailed and then returned to their country of origin. And we need to have a moratorium on all immigration from countries that allow Sharia Law. It's simply incompatible with our culture and evidence has shown that it cannot coexist with Western civilization.

I believe that our federal government will not get back on the right track until such a time as trials and convictions land a number of them behind bars for lengthy stretches.

We may be too far gone as a country to ever truly recover, but if good honest tea party conservatives can get elected we'll at least stand a chance.