Since Sep 18, 1998

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I am a Goldwater conservative. Converted by reading "Conscience of a Conservative" way back in 1963. Dating myself here, but have seen the good, bad, and the ugly in American political life.

Control of information and manipulation of intelligence was the norm until FR, Drudge, Rush, and many others blasted the lid off. Now John Q. Public understands spin, and has been franchised in a new way.

The message of the little pamplets circulated during the revolution is likened to FR and the Internet. These grassroots venues have empowered the people to know the truth.

Truth is an absolute singularity even though it is awash in the swamp of political thought. Thoughts create actions. Actions develope habits. Habits defines our character. Character determines out destiny.

America's destiny is written each day in the forums of FR. Proud to be a part since 1998.