Tuscaloosa Goldfinch
Since Nov 26, 2000

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Wife, mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. Married since 1975 to my best friend. Interests - BEEKEEPING!!! photography, gardening, cooking, riding, and last but not least, politics.

Favorite travel sites: Yellowstone, Grand Tetons.
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Not fond of: Anything with big teeth -- bears, sharks, mountain lions.
Favorite authors: Jane Austen and Charles Todd. I also recommend books by an acquaintance -- Glen Allison.
Ambitions: To be organized, to ride well, and to be a good friend.
Prayer: That all my children would be taught of the Lord, and great would be the peace of my children. (and children's children, and their children after them.

Old favorite quote: There is nothing so intolerant as a liberal preaching tolerance.

New favorite quote: You can't organize clutter.
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