Since Oct 6, 2004

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I no longer post on this form. I only come to read once every little while. When I first came to this board there were a whole lot of nice intelligent people who posted many very good posts. I could identify with these people. But, now they are mostly all gone. Those who are left ran them off because they did not conform to the narrow minded thinking of the few who are left. I no longer feel akin to those who post on here and their extremist views. I consider myself a Christian and a conservative. However, I do not agree with the views expressed here that are un-American, Anti-government, treason, threatening to non-like believers etc. I am 66 years old. I have lived through many administrations, wars, recessions and down right hard times. I have lived through some wonderful times too. All this has taught me to be a more tolerable person. I try to think to myself,”What Would Jesus Do”. He never advocated killing the president or anyone else but having Himself willing put to death. He never advocated bombing an abortion clinic to get rid of the abortionist. He never called people race related names. He never did a whole lot of things that people express doing on this board. On the present path of this forum, I think it is only a matter of time that the SS will shut it down and all will get what is deserved.