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"Remember that freedom and the values that we find most important sometimes come at a very high price."

Admiral Vern Clark,
speaking at the U.S.S. Cole Memorial service
18 Oct. 2000

I'm a USAF military brat. That let me see the world and taught me to appreciate what we have here at home. Every morning at 0900 two fighters from Langley come screaming over my farm. The neighbors complain but to me it's a beautiful sound. Gives me that throat-squeezy feeling of pride, you know, the same feeling we get when we hear The Star Spangled Banner, especially at the Olympics. Southern lady by birth, Reaganite, newsaholic, gardener, (ah, the perfume of heirloom roses!) Several dogs and cats, all rescues. I'm capable most anywhere outdoors thanks to ROT-C survival training at Camp Shelby. I was pitiful at marching but redeemed myself on the firing range. The guys were great, said they'd rather have a good shooter get their backs than a good marcher!

I believe that we have a duty to stand up for what we believe when the situation requires it. If we sit by and say nothing then we have nobody to blame except ourselves when the outcome isn't what we wanted. Issues of concern to me are the recent SCOTUS ruling concerning eminent domain, illegal aliens and immigration, escalating violence against Americans, both domestic and foreign.

Traditional values are the bedrock of our way of life. I'm dismayed by unreasoned lawlessness across the country and lack of respect for the property, lives and constitutional rights of others. Many have become spoiled and egocentric, taking for granted that which they never fought to defend. Don't get me started on the ACLU, soft judges, moral relativists and America-haters.

We know that we live in the greatest country, made so by the courage and sacrifice of patriots and warriors who stood watch throughout the night to bring us safely to the dawn. We honor them by continuing the values they defended.

I support our troops! Anytime, anywhere!

"Had anyone waned or blenched in those early days there would have been no revolution, no declaration, no constitution, no liberty, and no America as we know her." --- Translates


"A good one-liner drops 'em faster than Dead-Eye Dan." -- Anon. Brit

"I ain’t never seen a hearse, with a luggage rack -- George Strait


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