Since Dec 11, 2000

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Hello all, Father of four boys, widower for four years now. Just interested in some good converstaion. Anyone out there want to chat, just drop me an email, Origional VA native. Family was taken from VA when it was one with West VA, to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears. Would love to chat with any other folks of a reasoning mind. I am a reasoning person and appreciate those that are also.
You can communicate with me also at Twobloods01 on aol or instant messenger AIM.
Dave PS. Nothing will bring about the social change needed in this country until fathers are willing to lay down their lives for their children. We need "activist" fathers who will be willing to take it on the chin for the sake of getting in those hits that will effectively keep their children free, and in posession of a free nation.
What we need today are "Warrior Fathers" who will stop at nothing in bringing about a free society for the next generation. What we have had is "Weenie Fathers" who have cowered behind the skirts of their women, sending their daughters into combat, and refusing to fight here and now for at least the minimum of the amount of freedom that was delivered to them by their warrior fathers.
Anyway, drop me a line and lets chat or reach me on my aol screen name.