Since Jan 8, 2020

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Registered “decline to state” since age 18.
Self employed. Self insured. Self sufficient. Self made.
Inherited exactly $0.00.
Married into exactly $0.00.
Paid $150k in student loans myself in under 6 years by working with purpose, eating rice & beans, not buying anything frivolous.
Brand names are the fruits of child slave labor. So is your and my cell phone.
I don’t rent. I own. And repair. And improve. Which is why I, and only I, reap the benefits of my own labor and risks.
I don’t blame or excuse. I solve.
Outdoor sports enthusiast. Actual environmentalist. Not some watermelon.
Fit, not fat. Strong, not weak. Not hard to do. First step: Get rid of your x-box.
#1 Political Belief: Stay the fuck out of my face.
Jumped onto the PDJT train in Dec.’15 & still chucking coal into the boiler.
True, the Wife carries my spine around in her handbag, but she lets me use it on an “as needed” basis.