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1776 - McCullough (Finished)
Adopted Son - Clary (Finished)
The Age Of Gold - Brands
Alexander Hamilton - Chernow (Finished)
American Lion - Meacham (Finished)
American Sphinx - Ellis (Finished)
The Americans: The Colonial Experience (Boorstin)
The Americans: The Democratic Experience (Boorstin)
The Americans: The National Experience (Boorstin)
Apollo 13 - Lovell (Finished)
The Battle for Leyte Gulf (Woodward)
Benjamin Franklin - Isaacson (Finished)
Blood and Thunder - Sides
Blood Makes the Grass Grow Greener (Rico)
Catherine The Great - Massie
The Civil War: Volume 1 (Foote)
The Civil War: Volume 2 (Foote)
The Civil War: Volume 3 (Foote)
Colonel Roosevelt Book 3 (Morris)
The Creators (Boorstin) (Finished)
Destiny of the Republic - Millard< (Finished)
The Discoverers - Boorstin (Finished)
The Drillmaster of Valley Forge - Lockhart
Einstein (Isaacson)
Empire of Liberty - Wood
Failure Is Not An Option - Kranz (Finished)
Falling to Earth (Worden)< (Finished)
FDR Goes to War - Folsum
Fighter Pilot - Rasimus
First Man - Hansen (Finished)
Founding Brothers - Ellis
The Glorious Cause - Middlekauff
Gotham - Burrows
Grant - Chernow (Finished)
The Great Bridge - McCullough (Finished)
Greater Gotham - Wallace
John Adams - McCullough (Finished)
A Higher Call - Makos (Finished)
In The Shadow of the Moon - French (Finished)
John Adams - McCullough (Finished)
The Last Battle - Harding
The Last Man on the Moon - Cernan (Finished)
Leonardo Da Vinci - Isaacson (Currently Reading)
Light this Candle - Thompson (Finished)
Lone Star Nation - Brands (Finished)
A Magnificent Catastrophe - Larson (Finished)
Memoirs Of Gen. Shernam Vol. 1 - Sherman
Memoirs Of Gen. Shernam Vol. 2 - Sherman
Memoirs Of Gen. Grant Vol. 1 - Grant
Memoirs Of Gen. Grant Vol. 2 - Grant
Moon Lander - Kelly (Finished)
New Deal or Raw Deal - Folsum
Personal Memoirs Of U.S. Grant - Grant
The President Is A Sick Man - Algeo (Finished)
Public Enemies - Burrough (Finished)
Rebel Yell - Gwynne (Finished)
The Rise Of Of Theodore Roosevelt (Morris)
Texas Ranger - Boessnecker (Finished)
Theodore Rex - Morris
Traitor to his Class - Brands
Unbroken - Hillenbrand (Finished)
Washington: A Life - Chernow (Finished)
Washington's Spies - Rose
Witness - Chambers
The Worst Hard Time - Egan (Finished)
The Wright Brothers - McCullough (Finished)