Since May 29, 2009

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I have few remaining passions in life. Amongst these are:

* The Rule of Law
This firmest of my beliefs is that without the rule of law our country crumbles and our constitution wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s on. I now actively resent being asked to displace it to satisfy somebody’s pet ISM - Feminism, Socialism, Nationalism, Whateverism - I don’t care anymore. Conservatism is for naught if we lack a rule of law.

* Victim Mentality
I loathe it from the left. It’s sad and pathetic. I’m biased enough to be modestly more tolerant of it from the right although it’s getting over the top right now. Count the number of threads in a conservative forums (admitted - FR is better than most) where somebody isn’t complaining about being an oppressed minority. If I don’t like hearing it from sad aging hippies why should I like hearing it from my own?

* Culture & Art
I am an artist that pays my bills and survives off the sale of my labor. I also own a gallery where I sell the work of others and studio space that I lease to working artists. I believe in the value of the arts even though I don’t believe they currently reflect conservative values.

I also believe that conservatives have EARNED the almost zero traction we have in this arena. We have worked hard to attain irrelevance through ignorance. We don’t educate ourselves or our children in the fields (and don’t encourage people to enter them either) but are plenty prepared to whine when the arts don’t reflect our values. If we want arts culture - either big Hollywood or the little gallery in our town - to reflect this culture we must participate in it. If we lack the stomach to fight and participate we should stop complaining and leave the work to those who are willing.

*Biographical Details
I live in Spring, TX
I am self-employed and employ others
I am in my Mid 30’s
I am a former monk