Since Feb 3, 2005

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I'm a father of 3 sons and a daughter and grandfather of 3. Holy crap, I'm old. I'm an Evangelical Christian who believes in the gifts of the Spirit and most importantly that assurance in Jesus is necessary for salvation.

I believe the the universe is 17 billion years old but that darwinian evolution is a lie from the devil.

I was a Republican for the longest time but "they left me" in the waning years of W. I was a Precinct Chairman in Austin as well as the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Travis County Republican Convention. I can't help but blame him and McLame for the devil we have as a president. I now vote just conservative, no matter what party they're in.

I used to be a radio talk show host on a Christian station. I get a lot out of FR and I come here every day. Thanks