Since Apr 11, 2000

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Mostly retired business consultant. Happily married! Live in Lexington. Work as a citizen volunteer to assure our Bluegrass horse farms and green spaces are protected and well managed for future generations to enjoy. Also active gun owner and shooter. Handloader, Varmit hunter (Coyotes), NRA Life Member,certified pistol and KY concealed carry instructor. Three-time graduate of Jeff Cooper's Gunsite (Orange) courses in pistol(2) and rifle (1.) Receiving instruction from Col. Cooper and his staff is a life-changing experience, even for a lifetime shooter with confrontation experience. Very pleased to be a member of FreeRepublic. Joined on my 60th birthday. IMHO FR is the best source of conservative information and opportunities for quality dialogue. From my perspective it would be helpful to have more FReepers provide some information about themselves.