T Lady
Since Aug 9, 2002

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I originally hail from the great state(?)of New Jersey. I came to California courtesy of the U.S. Navy. Due to an aversion to cold climate, San Diego is where I now make my home. I am also among a growing underground movement in the United States: the Black and Female Conservatives. Yes, folks, we're out there, but you just don't know it. Why? Because of Big Media and their propensity to hide us, or to make fun. Prior to 1992, you couldn't say the word "Republican" without inciting some form of rage; to me, they were the meanest and most racist bunch of people that ever walked the Earth-Heck I voted for Carter my first time out. Of course-and thank God-he lost to Ronald Reagan who, even my Pastor acknowleged, was instrumental in bringing the Cold War to an end. Now I have awakened and know who the REAL racist('RATS) are!!!!