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Recently Married (check the screenname for the date), digital media professional, working in Lexington, KY. I have a masters degree in electronic media production, and I edit video for an interfaith production company that supplies content for channels such as HallMark and PAX TV. I am also an instructor at a community college. I am a Christian, and me and my wife teach 15 screaming 3-5 year olds every week at our church. I have worked in computer tech support before my current position. Wrote a book, titled what every christian should know about the media. Book hasn't been published yet, but I'm still hopeful. You'll probably more than likely to find me posting in the media-related threads. Gotta stick with what you know.

as promised in a thread about china, here are some interesting tidbits about the chinese population and economy from the book China, Inc by Ted Fishman.

China consumes 40% of the worlds concrete. 25% of the worlds steel.

74 million chinese families can afford a car, and GM expects the Chinese auto market to be bigger than the US by 2025.

China has more ESL (english second language) speakers than America has native english speakers.

300 million rural chinese will move from farms to cities in the next 15 years, thanks to the government dropping most price supports. The chinese have to build infrastructure equivalent to a city the size of houston EVERY MONTH to keep up.

Garment workers in the us make 9.65/hr. In El Salvador 1.65. In china, $.88/hr

More people use the internet in china than in the united states.

There are 300+ biotech firms in china that operate without animal rights protests, religious lobbies, or ethical standards boards.

American Companies make a 42% return on their chinese operations.

There are 320 million people in china under age 14, more than the entire US population.

There are 220 million unemployed people in china. The total workforce of the USA is approximately 140 million.

Just a few tidbits from the book.