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Ukraine on Fire




The sequel. Part 2 of "Ukraine on Fire"



Gothix Rocks.



Speak the truth and shame the devil!

* Fight SPEECH/MIND control *

Freedom and our U,S. Constitutional rights are precious and nonnegotiable. They are also at serious risk.
Use them or lose them. Defend them vigorously and Faithfully.

I love what SC Justice Antonia Scalia said about the Constitution. That it is not a “living” document. It is a “LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT”. The Honorable Judge Scalia was a TRUE Constitutional defender. VERY Dangerous to the deep state. ===***===

P.S. Lately here I have noticed some things that aren't family friendly to put it mildly. Please remember, If we treat this highly respected board like a bathroom stall, we kill the high potential of intelligent debate. It also reduces greatly support for our site and therefore, the support of free speech. Any halfway intelligent person can find words to convey their opinions and ideas. Even racy risque stuff, using all kinds of vocabulary. We don’t need to imitate the liberals in our actions or speech.

~*~*~*~ A note on Public Education. A Classical Education was once considered the best possible education. Now, our education system has become no more than indoctrination camps. Even science and math has become enemies of the state. This alone should send the people into revolt. And demand our education system back from the hands of traitors. The universities are the main HUBS of this madness. Public education, starting with kindergarten on, has had the agenda of madness instituted into them. These are the indoctrination camps. The year-round attendance mandates is to ensure no real breaks from their brainwashing. The mandated preschools and free college’ to extend life long grips on their minds. All this is to ensure no free thinking allowed. Lack of food, long hours, from near birth to young adulthood receiving intense peer and instructor pressure to repeat one mindset of ideas. All repeating the same ‘phrases’. It is a nightmare that has came to life.