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Obama will seek these 4 elements in a gun bill

1. An expanded HR 45, gun owner licensing. All gun owners will have to have these licenses, even owners of facilimie weapons (AKA Airsoft and BB). Licenses will only be granted if the records of the applicant are clean (This includes misdemeanors from decades ago). Licenses will have high renewal fees ($100-300/yr). Licensees will be required to hold $1 million in liability insurance. Possession of otherwise permitted weapons (See #3) without license is a felony.

2. Ammunition accountability... All ammo will be required to be microstamped and will be taxed $1/round. All non stamped ammo will be required to be turned in or thrown away. Possession of non-marked ammo is a felony. This part of the act also bans “Cop Killer” bullets. Furthermore, this will require the gun to leave a microstamp of its own on the ammo. (BTW, this will also affect law enforcement and military ammunition stocks, as they will be required to have stamps of their own)

3. Expanded “Assault Weapons” ban— This includes most all semiauto rifles, anything that can be “Bump Fired”, Semiauto handguns, and Semi-auto shotguns. It also includes pump-action shotguns and “Sniper Rifles” AKA your deer rifle. The AWB will also require people with “Prebans” to register their guns as Machine Guns, and that the tax stamp will go up to $10,000 per weapon. If you can’t afford this, you have to turn the weapon in without compensation...

4. Expansion of the Lautenbach amendment: Removes “Domestic Violence” as disqualifier to gun ownership, inserts any misdemeanor as disqualifer... Anyone with a misdemeanor on their record will be prohibited from owning a firearm. This includes DUI and traffic offenses, and offenses decades ago.

Finally, all CCW permits will be voided. Also, all gun and ammo imports will be banned.

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