Since Nov 9, 2008

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My nic; This_far has different meanings.

One is from my belief that everyone has a limit, as does a country.

One is from a Columbo tv series; The Conspirators.

One is that I’ve lived and survived this far despite previous occurrences.

It’s not my first ‘nic’, I’ve lost two since 2000 due to moving, different internet carriers and lost email addy’s/passwords. Finally went to a movable email w/yoohoo?

(above is for those who think anyone with a sign up later than xxxx is a sleeper)

If I recall, I was directed here by a Drudge link/post (the blue dress, kudos also to the Inquirer). Back Then, I took the time to read as much as possible of all the OLD threads (while on dial up... the picture threads were a killer, but were worth the wait).

While I didn’t participate in many of the famous threads, I did try to read them all and I DO know many of the forgotten names and posts.

I’ve gained an equal amount of education and maturity by frequenting this site.

A poster whom I don’t recall (apology to you) gave great general advice which I may now again take: (para) ... sometimes you need to take a break and come back.

Perhaps you might post a private reply as to why you’re reading this?