Since Feb 14, 2014

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The seven common characteristics of both democrats and RINOs:

Pride, Envy, Lust, Anger, Abortion, Greed and little boys and girls for sex, child sacrifice and body parts.

Face Book aka the place where the left gathers to plan and schedule attacks and the Right gathers to whine, moan, groan and make idle threats.

I know of only 251 Christian/Patriot men in Maine that will fight, kill and if needs be die for their freedom and the safety of their families. Coincidentally that is about the same number as the number of Timber Rattlers in Maine, you do not want to tread on either. For like the Timber rattler, they will leave you where you fall and never give you another thought.

Just a thought, not all gang killings are gang killings, not all suicides are suicides, and not all bodies found are accidents.

Other than the parts of the old Testament that Christ fulfilled to prove HE is The CHRIST, the old testament is still 100% the word of GOD.