The Other Harry
Since Nov 25, 2000

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Male, age 56. Moved from Santa Cruz, California, to a small town in central Virgina in November 2001. No regrets. It felt good to say goodbye to California.

Virginia is a very nice state. Lots of nature, conservative / libertarian politics. You can literally buy a house here for $150,000 that would cost over $600,000 in Santa Cruz. And it's pretty hard to get a parking ticket here. If anything, our community services are better here than they were in Santa Cruz. Excellent library, wonderful park, nice people at the city offices.

I blew out of EMT training last year. That's Emergency Medical Technician. It was a little more intense than I was prepared for.

I'm trying to decide what to do next. I might go work in a law library. Either that, or as a volunteer at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Finally, I am looking around for a church. I think maybe the Mennonites. They are pacificsts, but I like them. There is also a nice independant chuch approximately across the street from me.

My politics are a mix. I am mostly libertarian. I'm quite a bit conservative, but I am very frustrated with the Republican party. If they truly believe in smaller goverment, I don't see the evidence of that.

There is some Democrat in me.