The Brush
Since Jul 25, 1999

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September 11, 2001

It isn’t as sudden as we believe
It’s happened for years now, though gradually.
We once were a nation that worshipped God
Till freedom came in with a playful nod.
We winked at behaviors that caused us shame
and punished the free who revered His name.
While publishing filth in the name of speech
we shut out the truths that our morals teach.
We legalized ways to abort by choice,
while censoring those of another voice.
Applauded a leader who broke our laws
Forgiving his crimes with a legal clause
Ignoring the wounds of infectious fate,
We chose to ignore and not amputate.
It wasn’t as sudden as we believe
It all happened years ago gradually.
We can’t fix our past without consequence
We’ve waited too long to repair the fence.

June 1, 1997

There’s a world of consequence when you agree to make the fall.
When you think you’ve got the answers, when you fail to heed the call.
When you think you’ve got a better way the road appears to shine
but you’ve got to ask the question Is it God’s or is it mine?
There’s a world of consequence when you put all your trust in you.
When you turn your back on reason thinking you’ll know what to do.
When a voice inside you whispers “Life is boring, break some rules”
When what’s wrong seems more alluring
When the righteous seem like fools.
There’s a world of consequence that’s hiding all along the path.
You can always stop for guidance
all you’ve got to do is ask.
When you try to map your own life, be prepared to find some bends.
There’s a path that’s straight and narrow, all the others are dead ends.

Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.

Don’t think no one’s looking.
Don’t think no one sees.
Just ‘cause no one’s stopping you,
Don’t be so at ease. Don’t be so determined.
Don’t think you’re excused.
Marks upon your character
leave an awful bruise.
Don’t think no one’s looking,
don’t think nothing shows.
Someone’s always watching.
Heaven always knows.