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Texson66: Born and raised in West Texas.."edumacated" at THE UNIVERSITY (BS Physics), PHD in Physics at FSU, 20 years Active Duty in the US Air Force Completed, and almost 10 years in the Aerospace Industry. Now working on the advanced weather imager for NPOESS. Click on the photos for Texas related sites.

Man, Up here in Maryland, I sure do miss.....

Bluebonnets The Capitol




Cowgirls, Of Course!

But I dont miss these...

Especially when I drive one of these...

I haven't seen any of these (Jackalopes)or Longhorns up here in MD either!

And I really miss the sunsets too in Texas

Here's a mock up of the NPOESS VIIRS (half scale)that I work with

When VIIRS is on orbit in 2006 it will take photos like this one:

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