Terry L Smith
Since May 21, 2012

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I am an American, native born, as opposed to natural born.
I am a disabled military veteran.
I was born, before the days of political correct speech, and the time of the federal Department of Education. In my graduating year, in my high school of five, each with over 500 graduating seniors, and 1500 under-classmates, I ranked 125/610. That placed me in the Top 20 Percent. This was before the age of computers, calculators, and so on. I did use a slide rule very well. The most high-tech wizz bangs were Remington electric typewriters, with that ball typehead.
I believe in sweet, swift justice. Three years, and still alive, after killing and wounding fellow American military members, on a stateside base, is too long. The U.S. Army traitor who sold American military information to a world-wide information dump is still alive, two years and counting.
I believe that any religion that has a dogma of eliminating anything, i.e., person, place, antiquities, opposite to that religion, is a threat to America.
I believe that there are hard working folks, who just can’t get close enough to the light, to get out of the tunnel they constructed, and only with a change from within, or an enlightenment moment, will produce different results.
I believe that the traits of laziness and sloth, can become a powerful tool by politicians.
I believe in paying cash for what you can, and saving your money, until you can pay for that bigger cost item. Real Estate is the only exception, because of the finances involved. (The banks, as a group, pay you one dollar for every hundred dollars you save - and charge you twenty dollars for every hundred that they lend you! Really, who’s the stupid one, here?)
I believe in scrutinizing -all- politicians, at -all- levels, since it is by my vote, that they represent, and work for, me.
I believe that what any American says, at any time of day, or place, cannot be controlled, censored, or redefined to slurry the character of the speaker. Only they, can do that, themselves, by their own actions.
I believe that what any American reads, whether in published media, or via electronic methods, is their business, and neither the business of any religious or political group, to include any federal agency.
I believe that what any American has on their food table, is the property and business of none other than the American who purchased, prepared, and is eating it, and not the federal government.
I believe that America was founded with Freedom as an idea, to be held and respected, for all , and by all, and not reduced to federal limitations on where, by what means, and how far an American may travel, by obtainment of a passport, or permissive letters of travel.
I believe that it is the duty of every American to own a firearm, if not more than one, for the defense of home and of selves against criminals and tyrannical governments, either federal or municipal. Licensing for firearms is nothing more than the local government controlling who may, or may not, own a firearm, and that is counter-Constitutional.
I believe that every American who has gainfully earned every penny, from their own sweat, blood, and tears, is entitled to the decisions of where that is to be disbursed, spent, budgeted, and categorized. It is not the right of the federal government, by force of the gun, to take that money, and portion it out to the slothful, the lazy, and those that think that that money was not the earner’s to have, in the first place.
I believe that every veteran’s claim, once substantiated and quickly, should be paid to the full extent allowable.