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I've just finished your novel Woman, Gentle Woman. I had a great time reading it... congratulations for the excellent writing technique, you're a superb author. You have depicted each character with clear, unmistakable traits, and your mastery at showing the lifestyle in rural America during the 1800s is awesome. You've done an incredible job there, and it proves you are an accomplished researcher on top of being a great writer.

I have only praises for the book... Thanks for the great read.
---Irene, Argentina

I really liked reading this... It was very well-written, and I loved the time period it was set in, and the issues raised. I'm a Christian, as I assume you are as well, and it was nice to find a romance without graphic sex, and with bits of the Bible included. ... I really appreciated the time you spent with your characters, and the realism found in even the minor ones. Thanks for letting me read it!
---baby () Email User: madreader [Offline / Private]

This is incredible from start to the end of the third chapter. It made me cry in places, which I think is a good thing for an author to achieve. I could see her pride ebb away a bit as she had to beg for help from the church. I was impressed that Mr Andersen fired his ranch hand. I love this story. I can see it being a money maker for you. You have great talent.
---Funnyface disappointed & sad. () Email User: funnyface [Offline / Private]

This is wonderful. The dialogue and vivid descriptions of people and places fit the era you mentioned extremely well. The characters are definitely real and will pull the reader into their lives. I'm putting this in the Romance/Love Newsletter this week. It deserves to be read and appreciated. I hope the fact that the rest of the novel is not in your port and has to be requested doesn't deter readers. ...

This tale of the 1800’s west is so well written it makes me wish I had time to read it all at one sitting. The characters are definitely real, the settings and events so well described you think you’re watching things from only a few feet away. Whether you’re standing near the porch as the widow talks to the other ranchers, or standing in the background at the church cemetery as her husband is laid to rest, you see and hear it all. Don’t miss this one.
---Jim W. Incurable Romantic () Email User: jwilliamson [Offline / Private]

This is an excellent novel. Have you tried to have it published? I haven't encountered any mistakes. The characters are true to life, the plot is interesting and the setting seems real. Have you been published before? ... This is a wonderful book. I've only read fifty pages so far. You have such a wonderful way of describing people and situations. I can picture the whole place in my mind.
---Sherye, Kent, Washington

I just got finished reading your book. It took me a while because of pesky stuff like grocery shopping, a doctor's appointment and of all things my husband wanting his dinner (imagine him being so rude as to wanting to interrupt my reading for that). Anyway---I didn't want to stop reading it. It was wonderful. I loved it. You are talented at this. Do you think any of that will rub off on me? One can always hope, huh? Thank you so much for letting me read the whole thing. I feel honored… Again thanks for sharing your wonderful story and characters with me.
Michelle M.
Michelle () Email User: michelleaz [Offline / Private]

I just finished Woman, Gentle Woman. What can I say but "WOW." I loved it. I'm not much of a romance reader but I really enjoy westerns. I'm sorry it took so long to read it but I got pretty busy and didn't get to dedicate the time I would have liked to reading this fine novel... I will be reading the next novel Fire in the Heart as time permits.

Have you tried some of the western publishers? I think that you have a real talent and should definitely pursue the publishing of this fine novel.
Again fantastic job.
James S. Shadowspawn () Email User: shadowsspawn [Offline / Private]

Comments for "Novel: Fire in the Heart"
Fire in the Heart is a wonderful novel. I think your greatest strengths in this novel are the characterization and the story line.

The characters really come alive for the reader, especially in their ability to struggle, choose, and feel complex emotions. Your portrayal of love and joy is superb. The way the characters exercise their faith in God, both in word and deed is inspiring without feeling contrived to the reader. Marie's struggle to be kind and charitable, when she herself is in need, and doesn't really have "ENOUGH" to share, is also well rendered. Some of these characteristics can be difficult to capture on paper.

The pace and events in the story are fun and exciting. I really didn't want to stop reading until I found out what Marie's secret was, and if she was going to realize her desire to find true love.
---Ramona, Pasadena, California Ramona Lorraine () Email User: rldenton [Offline / Private]

I have just finished reading the prologue and the first three chapters of Fire in the Heart and I am absolutely hooked! Could you please send me a copy of the complete novel? I can't wait to read more of your writing...

Can I just tell you how much I adore your novel? Marie is a very likable character and so is Edward. I am very certain that Fire in the Heart will win a place in the readers' hearts once it is published. I am so glad to have an opportunity to read your work. You are a wonderful writer.
---Sylvia, Ansonia, Connecticut

Wow! I read Fire in the Heart, and I enjoyed it a lot. I really liked how you incorporated the Bible into the novel. Your characters were well developed, and I got to know and love each of them while I was reading. If possible, could you email me book two? I can't wait to read it! Thanks and good job!!!
~ the bibliophile ~ () Email User: lady_roc [Offline / Private]

I throughly enjoyed reading your book, could you please send me the entire novel...?

What I enjoy reading in your novel, is that along with an intresting story you have also included scriptures from the Bible which also makes the readers think and apply these same scriptures in our day to day life.

Wow! Very good job! I must admit that I couldn't put it down once you emailed it to me (or since it's online, I suppose I couldn't shut it down?). You write very well, and the dialogue between the characters blends smoothly with the descriptions you provide. I was quite impressed...

...I just wanted to thank you for writing such an inspirational story. It is very refreshing to see well-written novels that glorify God. Especially period novels. You have done a marvelous job and most certainly inspired me and uplifted me.

Thanks again, and congratulations on a wonderful job!

...I read the first three chapters of the sequel today, and now must greedily ask for you to email me Upon the Further Shore whenever it is convenient for you.
LittleDrummerGirl Email User: steph23 [Offline / Private]

I read your novel Fire in the Heart and I loved it. It was very good and realistic. I really enjoyed it. I would like you to email me Upon the Further Shore... I can't wait to read it as well.
---Mahreen, Ontario, Canada

That was one of the best stories I have I ever read. It was beautifully written. One of the things I loved about it way how you didn't put a passive importance on being a Christian into your characters' lives. You made it the most important part of the story. So few books are written that way. I also love how much importance you put into praying for God's will... You made the story come alive with the referances to God and His love for us. Thank you for using your gift in the way God has meant for it to be used. I love seeing God use those who are willing. I am anxious to read the next book. Please email it to me.
---Vernitta, Tennessee

I love romances, and indeed want to read this through. I could never imagine having the ability or talent to put my hand at writing one. You have done a marvelous job here. I would be happy indeed to read your novel through. I wish you much success with this. I hope you publish it and that you do well on it.
---HJH Michigan Funnyface disappointed & sad. () Email User: funnyface [Offline / Private]

Excellent, excellent beginning. ...
I had planned on enjoying your novel for a few days but when I started to read, I enjoyed it so much that I couldn't stop (even running back to the computer to read while breakfast was cooking). I've always been fan of historical romances but I enjoyed this even more because you write from a Christian perspective, which makes the story more accessible somehow. Your characters' faith was natural and easy...

I was ready to pout with disappointment when I saw that I was nearing the end of the novel but then I realized that there is a whole other book to read. Would you mind sending it to me?
---Moira B. Erin () Email User: rose_shadow [Offline / Private]

You've done a good job of creating realistic characters that seem convincing for the time period... Great work!
---Scottie Scottie - Its a Girl ()  Email User: scottiegaz [Offline / Private]

Excellent writing. Well paced story, interesting enough to keep me wondering what came next. No corrections.
Thank you!
---Alyx Ca§tles of §and () Email User: swedensm [Offline / Private]

I would LOVE to get to read the entire novel. I think Marie is a strong and religiously secure person. Her acceptance, knowledge and trust in God, in that era is astounding. I would love to see how this story turns out and WHY Phillip left her? It said something about it being her own fault? hmmmmm. God Bless.

...OK I read your novel and I think it was excellent. ... I especially liked the climax and found Phillip's character very interesting. You just didn't create a villain that was one-dimensional... you blew life into him. What haunts me even now is how he says 'pray for me.' This story also has a wonderful moral that a lot of us need to learn from.
Everworld () Email User: aziza [Offline / Private]

I just completed reading your novel Fire in the Heart, and I must say felicitations on my behalf for a great story. Well written and delivered. ... It was quite impressive.

I am not usually one for these sorts of novels, but this was expertly created and imagined. Although I am sure you will get your fair share of concerns regarding your interpretations of the Bible don't let the stout of heart stop you.

I truly believe you should get this published. I am sure there are quite a few people in the world, more specifically women who would be delighted to read this story.

Comments about "Novel: Upon the Further Shore, Part I"
Upon the Further Shore is even better than the first book about these characters, Fire in the Heart!

As in the first book, the characterization and plot was superb! The emotion struggle was well portrayed. This story made me laugh out load and I found a few tears leaking out once or twice as well. Edward and Marie make me smile and think about life. It definitely has the elements of great novel.
---Ramona, Pasadena, California Ramona Lorraine () Email User: rldenton [Offline / Private]

I have just finished Upon the Further Shore and I absolutely love it! ... Your writing style is flawless, and you can portray your characters very well. I can't wait to see your novels published!
Sylvia, Ansonia, Connecticut sylva

I have loved every minute of Upon the Further Shore. It was absolutely engrossing, I could hardly take any breaks. I especially liked the contrast between Charleston, New York and London and the eye opener on the Southerners' attitude to the war and post war effects. I had always assumed that every Southerner was a slave holder etc., etc., and it's great to have those prejudices lifted. I must hasten to add that I am nevertheless a avid fan of the nobility and all. It makes it very easy to picture heaven, God, the angels, the throne, etc., anyway, that's not the question at issue here. The bottom line is, I really enjoyed the novel and may well have a hard time waiting for the next, I must say that I am already a great fan of your writing. Keep it up! Thank you so much for the gift of your works,
---Becky, St. Petersburg, Russia

I have finished Upon the Further Shore. I enjoyed it even more than Fire in the Heart. I am sure this is because of the background knowledge of Fire in the Heart.

Upon the Further Shore was very emotional, captivating and it portrayed romance in a Godly way. There was more romance in it than the previous one, and I rather like that.

Please, I am now waiting for the other novels:

Woman, Gentle Woman
So Nigh is Grandeur
---Shade, Lagos, Nigeria

Hi Vicki,
I've just finished visiting the 19th century through this introduction of letters and diary entries. How wonderful, genteel and captivating. You've used a clever format to take the reader back in time and into the lives of these wonderful people.

October 3, 1868 The diary entry on this date is wonderful. I love reading about someone's else's spiritual wake-up call. The moment of truth when someone realizes God exists. At that point, Edward just becomes alive again.

This is a great story, and I will pursue the rest of it soon.

I find myself wanting to reach for my own set of worry beads in anticipation of Edward's return.

Marie's character has moral depth and the couple's elaborate home seems to have a three-dimensional feel through your vivid descriptions of the lush Aubosson rug and antique furnishings.

Well done!
---Debra K., Mississippi RubyRed ()  Email User: celestial [Offline / Private]

I love a romance and this is perfect, especially the letters. This is so excellent. It really appeals to my heart.
---Funnyface disappointed & sad. ()

Email User: funnyface [Offline / Private]

I finished Upon the Further Shore and I enjoyed it as much as its predecessor....maybe even more. I would love to read the next/last one. Keep up the good work.
---Beth, Texas
Hobbes () Email User: hobbes02 [Offline / Private]

This is another great story. I hope you continue to write more. I would like to see you go back into westerns like Woman, Gentle Woman as you have a great talent for them. I also made most of the modifications you recommended for "Please, Not Alone"
---James S. Shadowspawn () Email User: shadowsspawn [Offline / Private]

Comments about "Invalid Item"

Beautifully written! You completely had a proper vibe going with this piece, because of its time and setting. It was wonderfully done, and you really described all the characters' lives thoroughly, which gave it a sense that you could feel the pain and emotion just through your words. Nice job.
---Marz hellsxangel

Hi Vicki,
This is a really great story. Your feel for this era is very evident. I really enjoyed your writing as usual.
---James S. Shadowspawn () Email User: shadowsspawn [Offline / Private]

Your writing is unbelieveable - you have written with such detail, showing every possible movement or thought - you are very talented! I'll definitely continue to read more of this book.
---Martha Dougenik thru Ravens eyes () Email User: rndmthots [Offline / Private]