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Since Oct 6, 2013

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I’m a 65 year old woman that lives on a farm in the hills of East Tennessee. I retired in 2013 from P&G/Duracell. My husband is 82. I joined Free Republic in 2000 but under the username Melinda in TN. I took about 6 months off and came back as Tennessee Conservative in 2013. I have been a member a total of 20 years.

My entire family has been voting Republican since before the Civil War. I have family that are Conservative judges in my state.

I finally decided it was time to make my profile page since I have been flamed and demonized over my stand over masks.

I don’t know how it really happened but it seems that one day in late March a member of my family that is in the medical field asked if I could sew her a cloth mask to use at work since their supply of surgical masks was running low due to COVID panic, so I did. Then she asked for another one so she had one to wear and one to wash.

I’m in the same boat because of asthma so I made myself a couple to wear in crowded places. I wear them every flu season but not for COVID. It just happened that they were running at the same time this year.

In April family and friends were asking for them so I bought 80 pieces of quilting squares and made 80 that were scooped up like hotcakes. Some of those went to my granddaughter’s workplace because by now they all wanted a couple and wanted them to put on their patients since they can be washed and sanitized. Well, the patients liked them so much that they started wearing them home and supply was again running low.

One day in early May my granddaughter came home with an armload of cloth donated by a patient and said that if I would sew them all into masks that he would only take four and donate the rest to the clinic, so I did.

To be clear, every single mask I have made has been donated to medical clinics, family, friends, and people that can’t find or afford one and want one. Every person that asked for one was given two. I have not taken a penny for any of them and never will. The first 80 were made at my expense and time.

It’s late May now and I no longer wear one since flu season is over. My husband’s doctor told him to keep wearing one for a while in public because he has had some major surgery, he’s diabetic, and he has high blood pressure.

Regardless of what you think about the politics of wearing a mask, please don’t harass and bully those that do. I know the majority that wear them are freedom hating liberals but at the same time some people have reasons. Some are advised by their doctor. Some have weak lungs. Some are taking chemo. Some have compromised immune systems. And, I agree, some are just ignorant liberals with a political agenda but you can’t tell who is wearing one for legitimate reasons and who is not.

Be kind is all I ask from conservatives that get irritated when they see a mask. Conservatives all know that the panic is Democrat driven to damage our wonderful President by tanking the economy. The country shouldn’t have been shut down over this. The death counts were inflated in blue states. They want mandatory vaccinations. I get it. I will always stand behind conservative values 100% but will not demonize people that wear masks.