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Democrats, the party of Segregation, Servitude, Secularism, and Sedition. Then, and now:

Perception is interesting, Truth is overwhelming.

Evolution is at God's discretion.

Creativity is having the wit to capitalize on your mistakes.

Wit is having the creativity to capitalize on other's mistakes.

The "religion of peace": A movement to homogenize those who submit, then ostracize, torment, or eliminate those who resist.

Idealists oppose war, Realists impose peace.

Ability and accomplishment are two different currencies.

"Sanctity of life and sanctity of property are cut from the same cloth of eternal law. In the view of many, including me, it's this law that defines our free country." (Star Parker)

"...the welfare state has done what Jim Crow, gross discrimination and poverty could not have done. It has contributed to the breakdown of ... family structure and has helped establish a set of values alien to traditional values of high moral standards, hard work and achievement." (Walter E. Williams)

"Marriage (is) rooted in creation itself." (Maggie Gallagher)

Pan_Yan's Ten Steps to Restore the United States of America to the Citizens of the United States:

1. Repeal the 17th amendment to the constitution. The Senate of the United States was created specifically to prevent the tyranny of the majority. By allowing the popular election of senators we removed the power of the states to defend themselves against the federal government exceeding its constitutional bounds. This action led directly to the gross excesses of government that have saddled us and future generations with a bloated, overbearing, intrusive government. A Senate elected by state legislatures will help push the balance of power back towards the local level.

2. Remove the entire United States tax code and replace it with a single tax scale. There should be only one tax form. Fill in your name. State your income. Attach a check that corresponds to your taxes. Every person who earns an income, regardless of amount, shall pay taxes. This country revolted against taxation without representation. We are now faced with an equal tyranny in the form of representation without taxation. Every voter should have a financial stake in their vote. There should be no corporate taxes, no capital gains taxes and no inheritance taxes. (Substitute the fair tax, the flat tax, a national sales tax, whatever. Just get rid of what we’ve got.)

3. Allow citizens the option of leaving the social security system. Repeal all laws allowing individuals who have not contributed to social security to receive payments. Repeal all laws allowing individuals to receive payments out of proportion to the amount they contributed to the system. Stop the entry of new persons into the system. Continue to make payments to people already in the system in accordance with the promises already made. Pay the overage out of the general budget. It is time for President Roosevelt’s long national nightmare to end.

4. Pass term limits for all national offices. No member of congress should hold office for more than six years. Members of the House of Representatives are not eligible to run for the senate nor shall they be appointed to the senate if their total time in congress would exceed six years.

5. Eliminate the Department of Education and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Neither of these departments performs any major function granted by the constitution to the federal government. Begin the consolidation and elimination of other agencies that perform functions not granted to the federal government by the constitution.

6. Inform the United Nations that in the interests of equality the United States will now pay 1/192nd of the operating budget of the United Nations for the previous year, with an annual increase not to exceed three percent. Offer to double the payment if France’s veto in the security council is removed.

7. Ban all unions by federal employees.

8. Pass comprehensive tort reform. Until the irrational threat of lawsuit is controlled the American health care system is in imminent danger of nationalization.

9. Close all republican presidential primaries. Allowing non party members to choose the nominees of the party makes as much sense as allowing China to vote in our national elections.

10. Establish five set dates for presidential primary elections between May and July of the year of the election. Separate the 50 states into five groups of ten states each. Rotate the groups each election cycle. Americans are paying billions of dollars for ethanol subsidies that have no practical purpose other than to set the ground work for members of congress seeking the Iowa caucus vote in the next presidential cycle.

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